Pottery Kiln not functioning. Help?

  • The pottery kiln is failing to fire to full temp since the recent brown out. I’m not an electrician but I suspect something happened there to push the old girl over the edge. (It would normally be fine after a power outage.) It was fired after the brown out and failed. It did reach 1470 degrees before it failed. Error code suggests: ‘unable to generate power to achieve the heatwork. Most common cause is failed relay, worn out elements, broken elements or voltage issues.’ The coil doesn’t look broken (but has looked like it should be for awhile now) Testing it, it appears the top half of coils are heating and bottom half are not. I believe there’s two relay units, so would it make sense one has failed? Is there a maker who might help diagnose the problem?

  • I will have a look

  • Thanks so much, Grant!

  • The bottom element is burned out. Prices for new elements vary wildly. I found this link. https://www.soundingstone.com/products/skutt-kiln-replacement-element-for-model-km818-km818-3-ks818-or-ks818-3?variant=5213729062939
    The kiln has a total of 4 elements. Top, 2 center, bottom. It’s up to you whether to replace one or the set.
    I would suggest getting all 4. Otherwise you may get uneven heating from having one new element and 3 old worn one’s. https://www.soundingstone.com/products/skutt-kiln-replacement-element-for-model-km818-km818-3-ks818-or-ks818-3?variant=5213729095707 . We have 240 volts not 208.

  • @Grant-Fraser THanks so much Grant. I’ll talk with the others about getting them!!

  • @Grant-Fraser Looks like Greenbarn in Vancouver is very reasonable. I’ll double check by phone on Monday, because reasonable is not their ordinary. ha. As you saw prices definitely are all over the map otherwise. CORRECTION… I think it’s $122 for 4 elements for KM818-3. Catalogue is a bit confusing. Have sent them a message.

    KS818-3 …Any Position: 240v …(4 elements)… $61.00 …1386

  • Yes, $122 plus tax and approx $20 shipping. Just sent message to Kile and Torren to see what we have in clay studio fund acct.

  • @Janet replacement elements ordered.

  • @Janet the elements have arrived. I’ll put them in the kiln room tomorrow.

  • The elements are installed. I switched the machine on and it warmed up to 134 degrees and stayed there so I switched it off an let it cool down. Somebody gets to fire some pottery to make it a more thorough test.

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    @Grant-Fraser thank you for all your work at the space!

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