• Hi everyone!

    So we mentioned at the last maker meetup (3D printing) that we are planning on having a holiday themed workshop on December 10th, 5:30-7:30PM @ The Generator.

    Everyone will get to make holiday ornaments - if you have any ideas for ornaments (3D printing etc) please post here and then we can get the materials and equipment together. I will be creating an event page where you will be able to sign up soon.

    Ideas… go!

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    Hackaday just announced a contest based on the trinket-pro micro controller (see … the contest calls for items that can be carried … small enough to go in your jeans pocket for example.

    The name connection is too good to pass on though … how about wearable christmas trinkets made with one of these?

    On the name alone I bet we would be a ringer for a runner-up prize … although I imagine I am not the first brilliant individual to make this connection.

    The timeline is pretty short but does anybody have experience with one of these controllers?

  • @Chris That is an awesome idea to participate in the hackaday contest. @amanda and I were chatting yesterday about some stuff that we could get for the workshop that people can use to make ornaments and such. @amanda the tinker-pro micro controllers are $9.95 each, do you think KIC would sponsor us to get a few of them for the christmas workshop so some people can participate in the hackaday contest?

    I personally don’t have experience with those controllers, but they are Arduino compatible, so they should be pretty easy to figure out.

    We could also run our own little mini contest at the workshop for the best christmas trikets ;) although we probably wont have much to offer yet in the way of prizes

  • @Chris @arasbm looks great! I’ll look into how many we can get.

    I’ll be grabbing some craft supplies as well for the ornaments. Any other ideas, keep tossing them out there!

  • I’v got a bunch of RGB leds, a few 3v tiny laser pointers and a bunch of piezoelectric disks that I will bring and can share with others.

    Everyone, if you have random electronic components, or craft supplies, bring them with you. You’ll never know what cool ideas you could come up with during the workshop :)

    @amanda coin cell batteries would be nice to have too, since it sounds like we will be making some electronic Christmas trinkets

  • @arasbm I can get those along with the craft supplies, thanks. KIC can sponsor up to 10 controllers :)

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    The contest calls for wearable technology … so we want to be thinking about something wearable I guess … what is realistic here?
    A button that plays a christmas tune? Could the buttons recognize that they are close to one-another (internet of things buttons) and synch their songs?
    Building on this idea could we get the sound chip out of one of those singing christmas cards and control it?
    A starting point … what do these controllers have on the board and what are they capable of?
    As Aras said … my understanding is that they are Arduino compatible but that is all I know about them.

  • Building on this idea could we get the sound chip out of one of those singing christmas cards and control it?

    Could the buttons recognize that they are close to one-another (internet of things buttons) and synch their songs?

    I haven’t looked into this, but processing sound to detect tempo and then be able to sync another source with it seems pretty difficult. Something that may be more feasible for a 2 hour workshop perhaps would be to create a button that you tap on to set the tempo rate, and then play a Christmas tune to that beat. It would be fun because you could slow down or speed up the beat by just tapping the ornament. That could in theory be done by using just the piezo buzzer as a input sensor.

    Perhaps someone with more experience in sound or signal processing in general can tell us if there is a feasible project somewhere in there?
    Either way, if you have some old singing Christmas cards that you are willing to part with, bring them along ;)

    @amanda that Christmas tree looks cool but it seems very pricy and also the kit is too finished in my opinion. It does not leave much room to explore.

    Another idea that just occur to me is to make some sort of trinket that would light up or make a sound in response to ambient electromagnetic waves. We would essentially need to embed a simplified crystal radio circuit into the ornament and use that as input to the trinket and then control light or sound depending on that analog input. I would be even interested in making one without the trinket that does not use any batteries (just hold up your cellphone up to it and it would light up). I am sure a piece like that would make for interesting dinner conversations :), But doing it with battery and the trinket board, we would have much more flexibility.

  • @arasbm I wouldn’t order the kit, but maybe with some supplies people could make their own. Something like that, doesn’t have to be exact. Just an idea.

    The event is live on eventbrite:

    $5 per person, will cover the costs of materials and the trinket boards from hackaday, and supports MODLAB. Feel free to bring any other materials/supplies/electronics that you want!

  • Maker Meetup next Wednesday - Holiday Edition!
    Register online:

  • Hackaday trinket boards (and some promo swag!) just arrived today. 10 spots left for Wednesday’s Maker Meetup:


  • I am really looking forward to seeing a wide range of ornaments, trinkets, etc. being made in our workshop tomorrow.

    For those wanting to get their hands dirty with the trinkets, I started a new thread so we can document how to work with them.

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    The event site says the event is full… Is there room for two more?

    Learning and working on learning more!


  • @hdsheena sorry you did not make it, it sold out pretty fast. Hopefully we will see you at our next event

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    Really enjoyed the ‘holiday edition’ maker meet up … thank you to everyone who organized it!

  • Thanks to everyone that came last night! Looking forward to more events in the new year :)

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