We have a space!

  • Good news everyone!

    We have a verbal agreement with Natrisha, the owner of 207 West Victoria building to move in on June 1st. Natrisha came to our board meeting last night, and we had a discussion about a mutually beneficial agreement to occupy the building for a six month trial period. She is very interested in what we are doing and wants to support us. The gist of the agreement is that we will have the first floor of the building for six months rent free. Our responsibility is to pay the utilities and take care of the building.


    @Bradley-Maker and @Nicholas are finishing writing up the agreement and we will post it here as soon as it is done.

    I have confirmed with Natrisha and she is available next Thursday. Let’s plan to have our board meeting next Thursday May 28th at 5:30 at the building. We will have a tour of the building and sign the agreement.

    Congratulations! The timing is great, and this is a really exciting opportunity for our Makerspace to take off.

    Cheers!!! :beers:

  • Congratulations! Awesome news. Looking forward to seeing it all come together!

  • Great stuff! Well done :)

  • Linux

    Can someone invite Natrisha to join the forum??

    Learning and working on learning more!


  • Can someone invite Natrisha to join the forum??

    We did mention the forum to her during the meeting. Hopefully she will be here soon. :smile:

  • Woot! I’m only in town this month Fri and Sat. Need to pony up some cash and get a key. I should have more time at the end of June to do stuff. What are the details on how to make payments? Is it post dated cheques?

  • make payments? Is it post dated cheques?

    We will try to keep it as flexible as possible. Stay in touch and we will announce soon about payments.

  • :)

  • Can we have a group for the space?
    Space Group?
    Building Wizards?
    Premises Prefects?

  • @tinfoilknight I think that would be the key holder group. Everyone who is trusted with a key is also responsible for looking after the space. We all have to do our part to make the space awesome. Unless I misunderstood what you are asking about?

  • That works. I wasn’t sure from the description of the keyholder group. I just wanted to know the best place to discuss the fine points of replacing a wax toilet ring or just keeping track of what tasks need doing.

  • FANTASTIC!!! Very well done, Is there photos of the inside? I probably just missed the link.

  • @trunner here are a few pictures that I have from the inside of the building:


    I am planning to take a video of the building this Thursday since there are several members who are very interested but can not be there.

  • I wish I could be there. We just came back from San Mateo Maker Fair and am so far behind on the bus. That space looks great!

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    Great news @arasbm - is there parking?

  • is there parking?

    The building itself does not have any parking spot. The parking lot next to the building belongs to new life mission centre. We only have a loading zone in the back which is about two parking spots wide, so at least we can use that to drop off and load bigger projects. Bus stop is almost at the door, so at least it is very accessible by bus. There are lots of businesses around the building with big parking lots. I suspect our building will be busy after 5pm. We might be able to get permission from one of our neighbours to use their parking.

    There is also the end of Seymour Street W. right behind the building, I wonder if we would be able to park there. Anyone knows?

  • Congrats to you all. Looking forward to all the projects that will result.

  • We met with Natrisha and got the key to the space today. The more I look at the building, the more potential I see in it. We now have ourselves a great place to establish and grow our makerspace. Here is a video tour to show you the street and inside the building.

    And some more pictures:

    resized000.jpg resized001.jpg resized003.jpg resized005.jpg resized007.jpg resized009.jpg resized010.jpg resized012.jpg resized011.jpg resized014.jpg resized033.jpg resized035.jpg resized037.jpg

  • Wahoooo!!!

    to support, I would like to get going with my monthly dues! Great job!

  • So glad you got this place! I don’t need parking, It’s a five minute walk from home!

  • Is that a heritage building? If so we might have to clear repairs and renos with the heritage commission.

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