A couple machine shop tools.

  • 10.5" Douglas Shaper


  • 9" South Bend lathe


  • Clausing 8520 manual mill


  • Benchmaster Horizontal mill. Sorry all the pictures on my iPad are heavily modified 😛


  • Wow, cool! You must have a pretty big workshop. Where is your home made CNC machine?

  • Thank you. My shop is in my two car garage, haven’t parked a car in there for years😐

    Here is the small X2 clone that I converted to cnc, I also added a counterweight to the mill head and converted it to belt drive. The air die grinder was added so I could do some engraving.



  • That is awesome. I’d love to see some of the stuff that you have made.

    We have had a lot of discussions about what size space would be more suitable for us to start as. One of the reasons why some people are pushing for a larger space to start is the possibility of having a big metal and woodworking workshops. I don’t mean to put you on spot, but I am curious, if we do end up getting a large enough space to have a metal shop, would you be willing to park some of your tools at the makerspace and share them with others?

  • Wood

    It might be an interesting idea to create an inventory list of some sort that can begin to form the basis of community sourcing. perhaps a dream list from other maker spaces globally for ideas etc. Then as a community we can begin to scour, beg, borrow, steal for the common good. Just a thought… maybe not so much on the “steal” idea, but you get the idea.

  • It might be an interesting idea to create an inventory list of some sort …

    @DCHydro That is a great idea. Let’s start a topic for each tool that we wish to have. I just started one for laser cutter that we can use as a template. I would tag them as “wishlist” so that we can later pull them and list them anywhere we want. That way we can keep the discussion focused for each tool. As we learn more and figure out the details about what we want, we can update the OP to reflect that. Feel free to start a bunch for the tools that you like in the tools and space category

    Thanks! :)

  • I think donating a couple of machines to a maker space is certainly a reasonable request. I plan to make good use of the collective knowledge of the group so that might be a good way for me to give a little back.

  • This is the lathe I’m currently working on, when it’s up and running the south bend will become somewhat redundant in my shop. I will be needing to make room for the cnc router I hope to build so the SB might be a good start in the maker space. The SB is well tooled and accurate enough for all but super precision type work.


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