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  • Hi _ the current invention is a free energy device. What is required is the synthesis of monoatomic gold. This involves chemistry which is not my forte. Is there a chemistry major in the house, if so a consult would be awesome. Free Energy _ Free Planet.


  • Could you link to this device? I tried looking for monoatomic gold but only found this:

  • Energy can’t be create and destroy its only can be transfer into different form.

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    Oooooo a lengthy discussion of the laws of thermodynamics? Sounds fun. But its late.

    I certainly would love to be a part of making a free energy device, unfortunately I don’t know shit about chemistry. However, I must say that I am skeptical, and please, @3113, by all means bring forth the proof for the pudding!

    And @stevenwatson011 none of us, not even the folks who came up with the laws of thermodynamics, are as smart as we think we are. We have no idea what is possible, the sum total of all human knowledge collected since the taming of fire rendered on the interweb really amounts to diddly-squat.

    As Dennis McKenna said, “The bigger we build the bonfire, the more darkness is revealed to our startled eye.”

    I personally feel that the human race has a lot of growing up to do before we can be trusted with unlimited energy. It would be like placing a toddler at the controls of an ICBM. It is almost a guarantee that that power would end up in the hands of some childish asshole, a Hitler, Mao, Stalin, Pol Pot, or a Bush.

  • So… Is there anyone out there who knows something about chemistry and could aid in setting up a process for which I have the instructions?

  • I submitted this to a chemistry forum to see what results could be expected from this formula. The response I got was “All in all, I have no knowledge of any type of ionic gold chloride or gold salt compound that produces a white powder with just those reagents.” I think we are at a dead end here. We have a free energy device (which is considered impossible) based on a chemical (which is considered impossible) and if any of the intermediate steps are also considered impossible we should round it off with breakfast at MIlliways - The restarunt at the end of the universe

  • @3113 I know some things about chemistry. I looked over the link you sent. This process is likely to create fumes that are very bad for machinery, and worse for people. We are not currently set up to do this safely.

    Beyond that, there’s a lot of woo going on with that site. First major clue is the entire 7th paragraph: “As luck would have it the moon phase is just right for the first steps. We want to make the gold go away, just as the moon is.” When your results are dependent on the phase of the moon, prayers to the elder gods, or any form of ritual or sacrifice, you no longer need a chemist to help, you need a practitioner of magick. Nothing wrong with that, if that’s what you’re into, but you need to look for the right guy or gal to do the job. I am not suitably qualified any more.

    If you need a substance that will dissolve some specific metal without affecting another metal, burn at a specific temperature, or with a specific color, change color to indicate the presence or absence of some other chemical, combust rapidly releasing large amounts of energy, etc. Then chemistry is your weapon of choice.

  • So far, I am not impressed with “Kamloops Makerspace”. From what the mission statement claimed “A hub for creative people to meet, share tools, and exchange Knowledge” or, " We strive to create an inclusive environment where everyone can participate based on what they want to achieve, as opposed to who they are " or, " We focus on empowering our local community to be more creative and self sufficient " or, " We support each other in our individual journey to learn more and master new skills ". Dissapointment sets in as I suspect the Kamloops Makerspace i yet another group of fakes. The original inquiry was if there was anyone in the house who knew anything about chemistry that could assist me. NOT an analysis of the validity of monoatomic gold and zero point theories according to accepted knowledge and government standards.

  • To the skeptics in the group - I suggest further research. Firstly, review your current government accepted beliefs on the nature of electricity. Great lectures by Eric Dollard - the only man who has recreated all of Nicola Tesla’s experiments can be found here: " Eric Dollard - History and Theory of Electricity "

    Incidently, m-state elements are not fully understood as to their strange observed behaviors which defy known science. They seem to be neither a solid, liquid or gas but something else. Perhaps this is the necessary key to zero point energy. Perhaps also - the government and powers that be do not want the technology to be developed for fear the effect free energy would have on society and global kingpins of the New World Order of fascism.

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    @3113 - I just wanted wish you well with your project - I truly hope you can prove us all wrong and build a free energy device.

    It appears there isn’t anyone here that is comfortable enough with chemistry or with your project to help you out. I’m sorry you didn’t find what you were looking for.

    I guarantee you that no one here is fake, and we genuinely want to help each other, that is why you got the responses you did get.

    Best of luck with your project.

  • @3113 I did take your question seriously. I have taken your question about chemistry and presented it to a group of people who are more knowledgeable in chemistry than I am. That group of people feels that your line of research is unlikely to produce any meaningful results. The scientific answer is no. If you are unhappy with that answer then I would suggest enrolling at TRU and learning chemistry so that you can understand why the answer is no. A formal education allows you to learn from the experience of generations of scientists before you.

    I don’t speak for the group but I will suggest that while the makerspace tries to be inclusive it is not a science free zone. People are free to create angel sculptures if they choose. That doesn’t mean we have to believe in angels to help but it does mean that the sculpture has to be structurally sound and not harmful to the public. The statue cannot have lead wings and cardboard feet. It may topple over and harm someone. If the sculptor “believes” that the angel won’t fall because “angels would never harm anyone” it isn’t enough. We would have to insist that material science and physics trumps belief.

  • Thanks Grant. I wrote 3 different responses and deleted them as too harsh before you stepped in with something perfect. I was about to spend yet another hour trying to write something that does not compromise my position while still trying to not hurt feelings. Ask anyone who knows me: this is not my strong suit.

    That said, I doubt that I’ll lose any sleep over the idea that somebody who asks for help, refuses the help offered, then declares that we are all ignorant is not impressed with us. In fact, I think I’ll choose to take it as a compliment.

  • To clarify my intention on posting to Kamloops Makerspace… It was not my intent to challenge known technology, damage sensitive academic egos nor insult in any way.

    An Engineer friend of mine whom is a key holder of Kamloops Makerspace spoke of your group and I thought perhaps there would be someone who knows how to vent off chlorine gas as well as what type of beakers, etc would be required for the said m-state gold synthesis - or if someone knows someone with which to consult on the subject.

    The Mission Statement of Kamloops Makerspace claims the non-profit group to be an open, inclusive and supportive group to share knowledge and promote creativity. Instead, I feel I was attacked for thinking outside the box, interrogated about my theories, ridiculed for suggesting non standard innovation and thus gasslighted into defending the very concept of zero point free energy.

    Given, even if it was true that “my line of research is unlikely to produce any meaningful results” and “the scientific answer is no”… the original inquiry was if anyone knows how to vent off chlorine gas safely and this information was not offered.

    Thank-you for your time and consideration. This dialogue has made my decision not to join your organization, this type of operation is not the place for an open minded, inclusive, supportive, sharing, creative individual such as I, of whom loves to think outside the box and question known science.

  • …some reference material to enlighten the skeptics…

  • I can offer a few ideas.

    Do this outside. The process is said to take months. Put the chemicals into a locked steel cabinet with venting out the bottom or out the side at the bottom. Make sure the metal is painted. If you have to drill holes, paint the steel. Raise the cabinet off the ground if vented through the bottom. Size the cabinet to be used with your largest containers.

    Read the MSDS sheets on each chemical. There will be safety information the MSDS sheets that will tell you which safety gear to use. The local safety supply stores would be able to help you choose the right equipment. I personally find it better to use a full face shield over my goggles.

    Keep a garden hose handy. First aid for most chemical burns is to rinse with lots of water. Check the MSDS.

    I don’t recommend eating any of this like the author suggests. Everything listed is harmful to your health.

  • @3113 If you are going to pursue the fringe science stuff, I’m afraid you will need to grow a thicker skin. I would claim to be sorry to have hurt your feelings, but I would have to lie to do so. That said, I wish you well on your future endeavors. I used to be peripherally involved in many of the same weird things, mostly out of curiosity and the “what if it were true” feeling involved in that stuff.

    That said, please play safe. Label your chemicals, and what you have put in the mixtures. If you ever need the aid of paramedics, it will make their jobs a lot easier if they know what you’ve done so far. It’ll also make their jobs safer if they know what precautions to take.

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    @pierre and @tinfoilknight, thanks for the excellent responses.

    I’d just reiterate that we are totally open to anybody’s ideas, but I agree with grant that there is a limit to how open and accepting we can be, there are limits.

    I’d say @3113 that you should get your experiment planned out, show us a way that you can do it safely without causing and health or safety issues, or anything that violates the by-laws or jurisdictional law, and I’d be all for it.

    And I disagree that you were attacked, although I appreciate that you might certainly feel that way. I simply tried to encourage you to prove it to me, I am pretty seriously open-minded. Then I actually went to bat for you a bit and defended the idea that since we really don’t know that much about anything, anything is quite possible.

    I think you came into this expecting to be attacked, has that happened before? But I’m actually seriously impressed with the KM online community, that could have gone FAR worse, and all of the responses have been as reasonable and helpful as could be imagined. Well done.

    And please don’t give up on us because of one bad experience @3113 . I hope you stick around and maybe you will find the help and gear you need to get it done.

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