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    This thread is to organize and discuss for the Haunted House we intend to do for Hallowe’en this year at TRU. My vision is that we will have a few rooms with different themes Botany, Zoology, Alchemy, Criminology or whatever and each room would be done by a different person(s).
    We are looking for volunteers to achieve this.

  • I’m not interested in running a room but I can help with set design

  • Volunteers need to be local ones or not?

  • Cool. Me and the girls are in. Not sure on theme… Maybe tactile, bowls of spagetti guts and lichi eyeballs and cool stuff??? I see there is someone around most days we will pop in soon.

  • Oh, oh - also had a little brain bubble…how about pursuing a “Lego” Makerspace for KM.

    Engineers + Lego + Kids of all ages = yeah! Great fundraiser stream too.

    I bet, community has lego sitting around, and, I am pretty sure Lego has a good “educational purposes” donation budget pool we could dive into.
    We will stop in today :)

  • .how about pursuing a “Lego” Makerspace for KM.

    @Soaplady sounds like fun! Feel free to organize this or any other event and use the forum to coordinate. I’d love to see community members coming up with event ideas and run them, so dont be shy! :smile:

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    Got a little more information this will be for TRU students only.
    Also please let me know who is interested in doing this

  • I am in and will try and get at least 2 more volunteers to commit for the event.

  • I brought it up at a makerspace meeting, but did not do a good job of clarifing the details. This haunted house is part of a Halloween event at TRU hosted by ISAP (International Student Activity Program) This is a large and busy haunted house. Kamloops Makerspace is being paid to set up and run as well as take down the haunted house. The hauted house is not for our entertainment. However, I intend for the running of this event to be our entertainment. We are a creative bunch of people with a variety of skills. We can both showcase our creativity, and have a good time. I have been part of a number of haunted houses including this one, and have always enjoyed being part of it more than going through one. I hope most of you will be part of creating and running this event.

  • Tomorrow we are meeting at the Generator in the basement of the House of Learning at TRU at 3PM. I believe directions are available elsewhere on this forum. We will meet with the ISAP cordinator Jillian Folk to discuss the event and go through the decorations and equipment available to us. Anyone is welcome to attend. Sorry for the short notice. We will post the results of this meeting here.

    Information I have so far follows;

    Design a Haunted House with around 8 different rooms (include sounds-CD players available).
    Coordinate Haunted House Actors, Set-up Volunteers and Tour Guides
    Be able to decorate an 8* room Haunted House in about a 24hr* period.

    Time Line:
    Pre- Event (ie. Before mid-October):
    Check out Supplies in Storage – Jillian has keys to let you in.
    Create H.H. room plans including the actors needed in each.
    A House Blue Print to give Neil from Pipe & Drape
    Meet with actors and guides - (practice, costume fittings, make-up plan, etc.)

    October 13th at 5pm in TRU Worlds Panorama Rooms - ISAP Halloween Volunteer Meeting (recruit actors, make-up artists and tour guides)

    October 28th (late evening) we will move Halloween supplies from HOL storage to the Ballroom of the CAC.

    October 29th – 8am – Have Neil come with pipe and drape to create the walls of the House.
    It would help to have some strong volunteers! Then, all day house set-up…

    October 30th – Set up until 5 pm
    – 5 pm Run-Through with Actors and Tour Guides

    • Haunted House opens to the public at
      6 pm and runs until 9 pm. 10 am Party ends. Pack up and LABEL Rubbermaid’s to return to storage.

  • Nicholas, Dave and I met with Jillian today as planned. We then went to checkout the collection of props they have. Here are some picture I took to get all you Halloween fans excited :smile:







    As Nicholas mentioned in the previous post, we will need a lot of volunteers to help us out. Volunteers will receive a t-shirt and a pair of sunglasses as a token of appreciation.



    This is an important project for the Kamloops Makerspace and we will need some committed volunteers to help us do an awesome job. However, we are planning to have a blast and your help will go a long ways in supporting the makerspace. Let us know if you are available and want to help!

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    I would like to get people together next Tuesday, the 29th at 6pm and get a plan happening.

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