Nerd rap battle! I challenge you!

  • Binary data whore, use every back door. Give me a shell, I’ll give you hell, you’ll have to tell, just how you fell. Root allowed on port twenty two, Laugh out loud while I brute force you.
    Code so fast time warp to the past, if true, then go to, 10, 9, 8 iterator reduction the result of an operator function, do x =- 1 until 0 done. Clip it and stick it in your notebook, a new snippet for the next time you cook. Because your skills are BASIC, can’t even do one thing well like an ASIC. A knock off FPGA just waiting for a load of my DNA. Ask your Mom for a bit of my ROM, cuz the last thing I flashed was her socket… and I will tell you what… it wasn’t secure.
    They say my rhymes are tasteless, the just don’t get it this flows’ light weight UDP and stateless. Multicast to the masses, chased by agents with dark glasses just trying to harass us while a packet storm amasses.
    DDos a foreign nation from a single workstation as a demonstration, DNS amplification. Mayday, 0-day, hay day you should know, your dealing with a pro, not a simple script kiddie with deployed metasploit, I’ll leave your infrastructure destroyed like Detroit.

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