Our (uninvited) guest who has taken up residency in the fire escape. Security action needed - but first...

  • I was tasked to assist with the removal of the gentleman who has the room with the view on the fire escape.

    I understand he does not want to leave, and finding it challenging to maintain his housing.

    Some thoughts - the spot has all the elements of what he may want and need. (I presume this).

    • He can see anyone approaching
      It is a room with a view
      He is out of the wind and the rain.

    So - I am wondering if we have any funds available for some alternative shelter options

    • hammock
      rain tarp
      breakfast tokens

    My hope is that in Kamloops and abroad, Maker Innovations will provide opportunities like training and work experience manufacturing.

    I am the last person on earth that wants to remove someone that has found shelter, or, remove someone from where they feel safe.

    That being said, his (history) more than his presence, is making some (others) feel unsafe.

    We can manifest innovative ways to help ourselves as Makers, the community we live in, our neighbors and those we inspire to join us.

    We are Makers - we make our communities better by doing. Community, collaboration and innovation in action.

    A Do-ocracy = do it ourselves, then, help others - even dude with the view.

    I will not just call the Coppers and kick him off the property - even though we have every right to do that, I don’t think we need to fear him, but, I do feel obligated to try and help him.

    So, with a little help from friends and perhaps some donations from supporters I (we) can act on this important security matter.

    (…a soap maker’s way of telling y’all we still have a guest in the room with a view) - Jennifer

  • I also feel that we should do more than just kicking him off the property – within limits. As a makerspace society, it is not our mission to directly help individual like him. I would be against spending any of the society money on this issue, simply because when we pay membership it is clear what that money is going to be spent on (tools and the space itself).

    That being said, I do not see a problem with occasionally reaching out to our community for fundraising for a positive cause, as long as individuals donate directly to this cause. I will throw in a couple of breakfast tokens for him.

    Please make sure to coordinate your efforts with @Nicholas who has designed a way to block the firescape and was planning to build it. @Nicholas is that project still happening?

    I would feel less despair sending him off with a care package, and would wish him well anywhere he goes. But I would also want to physically block the path going up to the view suite so that we do not end up with a new tenant. That is why I think it is important that we coordinate these two efforts.

    There are other organizations that aim at helping people like him. As you mentioned, our contribution to the community around us is by promoting craftsmanship, science and technology and creating a strong and supportive community that empowers individuals. Our role is more of a preventative and long term contribution to the well being of the members of our society. I hope that we do not put that important mission at risk.

    Please be very careful.

  • I agree. Will touch on issue with @Nicholas re escape access when BPC meets this evening. Safety first.

  • This is a solution I’ve also wanted to try. It does involve making them. camper_bike_trailer.jpg

  • @tinfoilknight this is a potential manufacturing opportunity that could be made possible through CCC’s (Community Contribution Corporation) outlined in BradleyMaker’s post here:


  • Yes - It is this type of Innovative business manufacturing that could potentially spring out of Kamloops Makerspace, Very cool LOVE this!

  • So a base model for the homeless and a power assist model for paying customers?

  • Yes it could be structured that way. The CCC is an open slate, the main idea is that 60% of all assets etc held and generated by the CCC go to a not for profit - 40% is paid to shareholders. The model provides an avenue of funding for any not for profit. This would be set out in the mandate and through resolution of the CCC board as to whom that/those recipient would be. Still gleaning an understanding of the mechanics of the C3 and how it could work collaboratively to assist many areas of Innovation in the community.

  • A little more info here…

    Ministry of Finance.
    Community Contribution Companies
    In response to an emerging demand for socially focused investment options, British Columbia has launched a new hybrid corporate model, the community contribution company (C3 or CCC).

    Designed to bridge the gap between for-profit businesses and non-profit enterprises, this innovative business model is the first of its kind in Canada.

    C3 status allows entrepreneurs in B.C. to pursue social goals through their businesses while still generating a profit and providing investment opportunities to like-minded investors.

    Social enterprises can exist in many business areas and have many different objectives, including health, environmental, cultural or educational. For example, a social enterprise could provide recycling services in a community with the social objective of generating employment in collecting recyclables and applying most of the profits to a local charity.

    The regulations were developed in consultation with members of the B.C. Social Innovation Council. Public consultations held in 2010 supported the idea of a new business model like the C3, and the resulting amendments were well-received by the social enterprise community.

  • image.jpg

    : P

    So I guess my crass approach probably isn’t the best then. I figured we would just electrify the stairs with a low voltage and then slowly increase the voltage until he moves

  • @trunner You may just end up creating a supervillain.

  • hmmm, maybe he will reward his new minions. Making the whole living on the stairs point moot.

    Yeah! Jim fixes the problem : P

  • I have placed calls to by-law and RCMP non emergency number, also to ASK wellness. Waiting for a member to call me back re removal. ASK has been notified and will do what they can to assist him.

    Once his belongings are removed the city bylaw will have them for him. We are going to have an issue until the area can be secured. We will have to be diligent and every time someone is spotted there the RCMP will have to be called.

    We need to determine how we can secure the space from entry.

    Donations for this gentleman can be directed to ASK Wellness.

    Hoping it will get dealt with today - still waiting for call back as of 3 pm.

  • Kill joy…

  • @Soaplady and I went upstairs and cleared house a bit today. We cleaned off the stuff at the 4th floor, which did not appear to be recently used. The sodden mass of cardboard on that floor was sheltering more recently used flop at the third floor. We collected up the stuff at the second floor and put it in a bag. Wrote a note on the cardboard to the effect that if the stuff is still there in 24 hours, it will be removed. Since that location is no longer under a cardboard roof we are hoping that it will be a less desirable location now.

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