July 29 Meeting - Agenda and Minutes

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    July 29 at 6pm

    • Board: Aras, Dave, Nicholas, Bradley
    • Keyholders: Pierre
    • Members: Max, J, Ashley
    • General: Adam, Sydney, Taylor, Sarah, Jennifer, Tim, Brayden
    • Secretary: Courtenay


    • 1600 or 1150 quotes for insurance - separate from board insurance. 2 mil liability, personal injury, etc
      For a year, a good deal.
      Aras wants to go ahead with insurance. Nicholas wants to see policy first.

    • sharps container is here and useable. don’t touch if you aren’t trained/comfortable.

    • Update on jim’s stuff - needs to be to courtenay to get to calgary

    • Jennifer agrees to take responsibility for uninvited stairway resident.

    Delegate to committee?

    Bradley’s long post:

    Brayden, Jennifer and Brad met to discuss business planning

    Do we give the unofficial planning committee the go-ahead to continue this work?

    • bumped to under committee discussion

    Can we please formalize the existence of this committee? There are 3 passionate individuals already meeting and doing this work.
    Where shall we post this work in progress BP?

    How ‘open/public’ should this be?
    Can the unofficial planning committee go ahead and start organizing for the ‘tour-guides’, and potentially these small hack-night workshops?

    • tour guides for new people specifically - allows for market research

    can we please get approval to start collecting market research outside of the meetings during hack night, and in any formal communications with potential members (ie: waivers, membership contracts, on the website)?

    • Yes. approved.

    Please review the form letter to potential partners for approval.

    • Discovered venture kamloops contacts may not always be ideal
    • letter is a prototype
    • letter for raising awareness, requesting donations, etc.
    • approved

    We would like Board approval to start looking into this CCC model, with KM as the ‘nucleus’, sprouting off contributing businesses as a progressive form of business incubation. Is this something that we support generally as an organization?

    • Jennifer wants to set up as a CCC with KM

    • 60% of profits have to be funneled to non-profit

    • if bread business is launched as CCC, any kind of sales needs to be within non-profit, and has potential to get more funding ?

    • any business idea that comes out of here, the production facility can be elsewhere, and can be as a CCC so profits can come back to us.

    • Nicholas doesn’t want to to be mandatory for businesses that come out of KM

    • Try it with the soap project and see how it goes – as a model

    • Grants are sometimes specific to a product, so grant can come in to begin the CCC, “new soap product”, then gets it rolling until it stands on its own.

    • Brayden will be taking a course on this so will have more info in the fall

    • We would be the designated benefactor of CCCs that come out of us, according to our business plan

    • use ccc’s on business plan? yes no? — Approved

    Meeting planning:
    Discussion re: meeting agenda 72 vs 24 hours

    • 72 hrs for proposed items, 24 hrs for final agenda posted - motion by nicholas
    • approved

    Aras proposes frequency of meetings once a month - have committees have smaller meetings more often

    We can approve motions via the forum, as long as 60% of members post approval.

    • concerns about technology not being clear

    Motion: every 2 weeks for now, working toward every month - reassess each meeting

    • Approved

    Next meeting: Aug 12

    Need to present at each meeting

    • Planning Committee
    • Haunted House Committee
    • Security Committee

    Approve committees?

    • Approved

    Committee member minimum?

    • 3 members Motion from Nicholas, seconded by bradley
    • Approved

    Powers of committee:

    • do things at their own discretion to get things done
    • not approving new policies without board approval
      Things they cannot do:
    • can’t spend over their assigned budget
    • altering building (reorganizing space)
    • publicity/advertising (maintains values of organization)
    • contracts (big grants etc)

    Motion: bradley - approve things they cannot do.
    Ammended to remove publicity from that list. - Aras

    • Approved

    Further discussion to happen on the forum - Courtenay

    First Aid

    • 5 with maybes for Standard first aid
      Find volunteers for red cross to teach for cheaper
      Nicholas will take over first aid, get it in here before middle of october
    • approved

    Sept 27 dog event

    • night before for set up, whole day, morning after
    • Approved to seek logistical info


    • spousal/family memberships: Keyholder, with each of spouse and kids go half of dropin
      motion - nicholas: approved
    • junior membership:
      motion - age cut off? kids are free?
      must be accompanied
    • Kids under 15 are free ?
      Look into funding for families to get them in for cheap and get us money
    • Motion: Guardian with membership - kids under 15 are free as long as they’ve signed a waiver and are accompanied by their guardian
      With underage waiver written by nicholas
    • Pierre doesnt want 100 kids. he’s ok.
    • Approved.

    Aras about community stuff:

    • lots of confusion about how we structure the place, so just revisiting it:
    • Do-Ocracy – Assign yourself a task and do it! No hierarchy.
    • board members don’t have more power, just more responsibility.
    • Liability and monetary are controlled by board, everything else is open to member input/being done
    • Tell people about what you’re doing, but just DO IT.
    • Commitee concerns? - committee doesnt have more powers than individual members either
    • Committee working on something, post it on the forum
    • If you’re doing something, post it on the forum so people can collaborate with you.
    • We don’t need rules to make this happen.
    • Bradley has concerns about insurance etc

    Motion: from aras - do not stop people when they’re doing work

    Motion from nicholas - committee to get into compliance with the city - Planning committee could add this onto their general tasks

    Alterations to the building without approval from the board

    J - distinction between projects that are related directly to KM vs personal projects happening in the space

    Ammendment: do not stop people when they’re doing work on personal projects

    • Passed

    Counter motion: come up with an official policy about insurance and liability and zoning - develop clarity around who knows what.

    • Planning committee will do that too

    Motion: Allow people to do space projects - propose them on the forum and work on the building
    Post on the forum - give 48 hours or until majority of directors say yes -

    Space projects and work on the building need to be proposed as motions on the forum

    • Approved

    Learning and working on learning more!


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