whats your favorite creation?

  • Whats your most fun best build ? What the next step? Anything goes.

  • Linux

    My ball dropper is easily the best and most fun, since it’s pretty much my only one so far!
    Next step is to get the pieces for the cup and change up the code/hardware to match that, then make a few to sell!

    Learning and working on learning more!


  • Mine was my beadroller. Wireing the footpedal and forward and reverse relay was a big step for me. Next step is dc motor , variable speed and electric brake.

  • Tennis ball mortar. Easy to make. Involves fire and large noises.

  • I’m not much of a programmer but a few days ago I made an evolving AI. It’s learning to play Tic-Tac-Toe right now but it could do all sorts of things. Control robots, predict stock markets, etc. It might not be very good at these things but it’s pretty neat to watch it try without any direction. It makes and replicates algorithms in excel using VBA giving an evolved set of outputs to for a given set of inputs.

  • The day I made a tool to allow me to remove a sheared off bolt in the rear diff of my pickup. That was the day I went from “Owns thousands of dollars in machine tools, makes trinkets and chips” to “I can build anything I need to solve my real world problems.” Second place was a replacement firing pin for a .22 semi-auto that I broke. Hand hacksawed and filed out of a leaf spring, hardened and tempered in my charcoal forge. It is superior to the original part (which had a stress riser caused by an unnecessary sharp corner at a critical point) and has handled many thousands of rounds of ammunition since then.

  • Me and my dad build a chicken coop last week which I had a lot of fun with. Almost all the chickens and the ducks are going in on their own at night, so next I would like to install an automatic door for the coop to open early morning and close at night.coop.jpg

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