Fundraising idea to bounce off the forum

  • Not sure if this should be posted to the agenda items for agenda or to the committee, or as a topic of general discussion.

    I had the thought that once school is in session there may be some support through individual schools and teachers to organize a field trip event day for kids with planned activities - like a maker day but smaller - one class - where a drop in fee would cover costs for materials etc.

    This would be a one time fee for that day and an opportunity to send info home with the kids re Kamloops Makerspace programs and objectives. It would control the flow of kids (20 or so) while still generate interest and income and support from a maker to run the sessions.

  • Can’t wait until I am back in the loops to help out with these projects. Protospaces educational programming generates so many new members and not just young ones. If you want customized solder badges with the kids names on them let me know and I will engrave them on my laser. 20 kids at a time I should be able to get educator pricing for you.

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