Let the search begin!

  • If you know about a building that could potentially serve as our makerspace, let us know here.

    I am planning to see as many buildings as possible in the next few weeks. For the sake of transparency I am going to start a discussion thread for each building that has a good potential. Then based on the amount of interest, with some help from members, I am hoping to launch a fundraising campaign to secure the building.

    So please keep your eyes and ears open, and let us know if you find a building that we should see!

  • Great idea Aras, keep up all the hard work!

  • I’m compiling a map with the information that we gather for each potential location.

    Google Map

    There’s an underlying spreadsheet with all of the data, although I need to refresh the map from it manually on a periodic basis. (I have not figured out how to get it to live update.)

    Anyway is the live form if you want to add an entry to the spreadsheet. I need to confirm the responses for anti-spam reasons, and I’ll try to update the map at the same time.

    The real advantage to having the form is that I can fill it out from my phone and not miss some important question like “24 hour access?” or “Bathrooms?”

    Email me directly if you want write access to the spreadsheet.

  • @pierre that is a great idea, thanks for putting the map together! It will be very helpful in organizing our search efforts.

  • I’ve added an area highlighted in blue and labelled “Watch the Newspapers” to the map, sort of between the north end of the blue bridge and Surplus Herbies. I was talking to a guy at the hobby shop today who rents a 1600SF warehouse bay in there for $750/month. He built a workshop in most of it and lives out of an apartment he has set up inside it when he’s in town.

    He says that the businesses in that area change around a lot, and the places typically show up in the free papers you see in coffee shops on the North Shore. The go in about 3 days because they are not expensive. Anyway, I figured it was an interesting enough lead that I wanted to document it somewhere.

  • @pierre good find! I’ll keep an eye for those.

    If anyone see a good deal like that on a shop, feel free to message me or even you can post a picture of it in this thread

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