Courtenay's car stereo

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    I got some help getting things soldered up for my car stereo, but I came across this and I want to understand how the heck this even works…

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  • His stereo has some type of AUX in, it just happens to be on the back of the stereo using RCA connectors.

    The red/white are standard colors for left/right audio.

    The phono jack plugs into the earphone jack on the ipod. That jack has 3 connections, left, right, and ground (or common).

  • I’d have to agree with dave. Aux port for a cd shuffler or something.

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    Mine has these same ones, but for sub output…I think?

    Learning and working on learning more!


  • Most of the time they are sub output. Maybe some have an input but I have not seen one myself.

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