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  • Where can a beginner without a credit card buy an arduino uno?
    Should i teach myself c++?
    Does anyone know of c++ courses?

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    I am not aware of any retail source of arduinos in Kamloops. You might as well buy them “used” from makerspace members. I have no unos, but have a spare pro mini (the one without a usb port). Also, I can order them for you from china. Shipping takes about a month, but it’s about $5-7 per piece.
    “I can arduino” level of C++ is pretty basic. If you had any experience with programming, counting high-school lessons – you’re golden. If not – it’s not that hard at all. Technically it is C++, but you don’t (normally) use pointers, bit shifting or any of that jedi kung-ku stuff that beardy C++ folks are into. You may – for sure. But in 90% cases with arduino you’re good without it.

  • Where can a beginner without a credit card buy an arduino uno?

    Believe it or no I saw a bunch of arduino and related kits at princess auto the other day. But I agree with @toxuin you can probably save a few box if you ask someone here to order it for you.

  • is based in Calgary and you can pay with several different methods including PayPal. But also if you needed to you could mail in a cheque.

    The other alternative is I come to Kamloops two or three times a year and I would be more than happy to bring people stuff with me.

  • Here is some great free reference material for C++:

    The ebook version of the book is free.

    There are many aspects of C++ that you can skim over, like exceptions, multiple inheritance, and templates, as these features are very rarely used in conjunction with the arduino.

    And feel free to ask questions. I’ve been coding in C/C++ for about 30 years, so I’ve probably run across many of the problems that you will encounter (that are C/C++ related anyways).

    Arduino programming is really mostly C with a dabbling of C++.

    I have a boarduino that you can have. It’s an older verison of this one:
    Mine has a full sized USB connector and a smaller processor.

    I’d be more than happy to buy an uno for you.

  • Thanks for all the info everyone.
    I have a basic bandsaw mill that is all manual. Id love to make the blade hieght, rollers , log dogs and feed drive automatic and adjustable with motor , hydraulics and pneumatics. My industrial experience at a sawmill will go a long way mechanically but i never had the opportunity to go any further than terminating the inputs and outputs on 1990s allan bradley PLCs.
    i am having a little trouble with the big picture as to how to relay the small voltage that the arduino operates at to say a 240 volt motor or any other mag starter.
    This will be a big step for me because I’ll be learning this as PLCs in 3rd or 4th year of electrical school. Im not sure how similar PLCs are to arduino micro processors but im thinking its all relevant.

  • Relays are a traditional “mechanical” solution for controlling high voltages.

    I haven’t used 240VAC solid state relays, but there are 120V ones where you can use a 5v signal to control a 120V device.

    SparkFun has a bunch of already designed products for 120V using a relay: The company that makes the powertail has 240VAC versions:

    For the non-relay devices the term SSR (Sold State Relay) is often used. Sparkfun has several of those available as well:

  • 120 v control is really popular for all type of motor starters (magnetic relay) .thanks dave! 1 step closer.

  • I’m learning python. Seems like good start.

  • While i was reading cthehardway link you posted it mentioned starting with python as it is more forgiving for beginners . I still intend to learn what i need for arduino.

    So many systems and languages it seems endless but the fog will clear as i learn more . Just like everything else

  • PLC’s are completely different from micro computer boards. In school you will program the PLC’s with ladder logic. It’s a GUI interface where you program with pictures.

    Arduino boards come with Robot C but there are other languages you can use.

    As a side note I worked for a robotics company that found PLC’s to be too limiting and had to switch to computer controls.

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    I’ve been learning python via Udacitys free online classes…–cs101

    Should I plan a python workshop…? ;) wanna help?

    Learning and working on learning more!


  • Id pay to attend a python workshop. Happily.

  • Linux

    14 or 15 of sept in the evening?

    Learning and working on learning more!


  • My first thought is that’s a little soon for me. I’m still in theory waiting to get a monitor for my windows pc. Python and v/s won’t load on my tablet. But if thats the best time im sure i can attend with no practical experience and still benefit. Thanks

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    I recently completed a free online Python course.
    Great course, great instructor


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    If I’m offering something, it’s going to be targetted at people who have no coding experience and zero python experience. If you want something more advanced, you’ll need to talk someone else into it :)

    Learning and working on learning more!


  • Zero experience. Chances are that would be me.

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