DigiKey pool order

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    I fried a FET on the 3d printer board and have to buy a replacement. It costs $0.87, but the shipping is ~10$. As I have heard, some folks at makerspace was about to order some parts and share the shipping. It would be a shame to pay $12 for less-than-dollar part.
    So let’s make it like that: you post your name, post a DigiKey part number, bring cash on Wednesday and on Sunday I’ll count the heads and let you know the shipping cost (obviously less than $10). The Wednesday after I receive the goods I’ll bring them to makerspace where you can pay your shipping share and get your parts.

    If that’s cool – I’ll start.
    Name is Tony, I am ordering 1 of ZXMN4A06GTR-ND.
    Thank you, Tony, your order confirmed for next batch order.

  • Talk to me before you order. Aras and I have met with Scorpion, a local tech company. They may have your part in stock or will gladly piggyback it on one of their orders.

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