Potential Space: 1600 Sq/ft. Warehouse Bay

  • This is the very fist place we went to see for MODLAB. It turn out to be the current location of Kamloops Sheet Metal Works, where our very own Aaron (@sireatalote) works with his dad. It was a pleasant surprize to see Aaron and his dad, but unfortunately the business is slow for them and they are thinking of either closing or downsizing. I really hope they can continue running their business in Kamloops , they obviously are very skilled and passionate about their work.

    It took us 7 minutes to drive there from Sahali, near TRU, (granted @merlindb did scare me a bit with his driving). It is up on the hill a bit passed the Aberdeen mall. We found the building listed on kijiji.



    • Cost $1500 per month
    • Address: 2877 Bowers Place, V1S 1W5, Kamloops
    • overall dimension: 27.5’ x 59’
    • 16’ high by 13.5’ wide bay door
    • 20’ ceiling
    • Radiant heated floor
    • City taxes and utilities and hydro are included in price
    • 3 phase and 220 power available
    • Secure and separate entrance at the side
    • Extra storage available outside with secure fencing compound
    • Perimeter fencing surrounding building

    lots of storage outside


    • Very high ceiling and lots of space
    • Already in an industrial area
    • A lot of usable space around the building for outdoor workshops
    • Lots of awesome metal working tools that potentially may be sold to us at a discount
    • Potential to have access to the much larger bay next door for an additional fee (to be negotiated)


    • A little bit far
    • Not on the bus route
    • No bathroom inside the bay (but there is one in the building adjacent to it)

    I took lots of pictures while we where there, but some of those pictures are from the shop next door which is also up for rent. But this thread is about the smaller bay that cost $1500.

    In the next few weeks I will write a number of similar posts featuring the buildings we visit. If you know about a building that has potential, let us know.

    What do you think of this building as our makerspace? Are you excited? Would you sign up as a key holder if we go for this building? Do you see other advantages/disadvantages that I have not listed yet? Would you rent out some personal storage for your projects? Let us know what you think!

  • @arasbm We should also post the larger shop space that we had looked at. After we discussed it for the small bump in monthly costs it comes with a huge amount of advantages over the smaller space. Washroom access being one of them :) Great rightup BTW

  • nice pics @arasbm and it was a pleasant surprize to see you guys too

  • @merlindb good point, I added that to the list of advantages

  • @arasbm They really should be two separate entries so people and take a look at them comparatively. This format you’ve created is excellent.

  • @merlindb sure! I don’t remember too much details about the second space since I spend most of my time dancing around the plasma cutter. But if you feel like it start another thread for the second bay. All the pictures I took are mixed here.

  • @arasbm sounds good. can you throw all the pics up on the google drive and i will put a writeup together.

  • Linux

    Bathroom is definitely a big one.

    One thought about access … being on public transit might be useful if the maker space is ever used to offer after-school workshops or even summer camps … access for people without a vehicle is a definite plus.

  • being on public transit might be useful if the maker space is ever used to offer after-school workshops or even summer camps

    That is a good point. Workshops are going to be very important. Being able to offer workshops to kids or students will be very handy. That is definitely a disadvantage.

    Lets see what other spaces we will find, and where our price range will end up.

  • Yeah, having a bathroom is a huge factor I think. It can be the difference between “place people pop in to do quick tool use in”, and “place people like to hangout and work on projects at”.

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