Potential for Plasma CNC/Sponsorship

  • Hey Guys

    I was recently contacted about an opportunity for the Space to gain access to a Plasma CNC table from a company looking to partner with a group in the community. One concept they are toying with is the idea of having a “demo” machine setup in a location in town that they could bring prospective clients to in order to demonstrate its capabilities. They are also interested in possibly doing a little bit of cutting for local companies on the side to showcase the finished products, which might mean a deal between them and the space as far as doing some of this cutting work in exchange for use of the table.

    I’ll be looking to sit down with this company after Sept 1st to find out more information and wanted members to post any questions they want posed, as I am sure there are things I could forget or, more likely, would not know to ask. Looking forward to your guys’ input. Thanks.


  • Hey this is a link to their website for anyone who wants to give it a look; I’m emailing the contact that Venture Kamloops passed off today and will await a response.


  • Brayden:

    A couple of thoughts:

    1. Plasma cutting is pretty messy in terms of smoke and fumes. Would you need an exhaust system?
    2. Here at Scorpion, our insurance rates go up substantially if we do any metal welding or cutting on premises. Would your insurance be the same?


  • Brian brings up a very good point… In light of last night’s meeting, I was planning on bringing in a tiny Tig/plasma cutter unit so we could cut up and weld things. Anyone care to chime in regarding the insurance implications of me doing that?

  • I spoke with Tobin from Kamloops Insurance, when he did the walk through, about welding. Since we were not ready for welding at the time we left it out. He said in order to add welding to our plan we have to create a dedicate area that is safe for welding, then we can contact them to include it in our plan. He said as long as we do it properly the increase will not be unreasonable.

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