Shapeoko router fixes and upgrades

  • I just wanted to write a quick post to let people know the Shapeoko CNC router is in working order now. I am planning to do a few cuts today and also again tomorrow afternoon. Feel free to come by and check it out if you want to get familiar with the process. I will create a separate topic here to document the status and work flow for using the machine.


    What has changed?

    One of the solder joints in the wiring harness disconnected – that joint happened to be in the middle of the cable carrier. To prevent future problems, I replace the whole wiring. I also ran an extra 22ga 8 conductor wire as well as two 16ga 2 conductor wires. One of the two conductors wires is used for the AC spindle and another can be used for a DC spindle if we decide to make that upgrade in future. The 8 conductor is there in case someone comes up with creative ideas, but I most likely will use 4 of them to run a USB camera to where all the action happens.

    What is left to do?

    • We need a way to clamp material to the current waste board.
      I vote for using threaded inserts, since that will be relatively easy and reliable. We can probably use the spindle to drill the holes. Does anyone have some threaded inserts for wood that they could give us?
    • E-stop
      There is a wire for the e-stop that will turn power off from the spindle and controller at the same time, we just need to hook it up to a normally connected e-stop switch.
    • More testing
      Let me know if there is stuff you want to cut, we need to run a whole bunch of jobs through to make sure the machine is working smoothly

    I planning to cut stuff tomorrow from noon to 4pm. Feel free to come to the space and hang out if you are interested. Let me know if you have any questions!

  • How thick is the spoil board? I might grab some inserts, but the key is that they must be well below the surface of the spoil board for obvious reasons…

  • How thick is the spoil board?

    It is 3/4in plywood

  • Here is the latest cut I did which I was pretty happy with:

    The only real issue remaining now is that the bed is not flat and that becomes a problem when you want to cut really thin, or want to cut something all the way without cutting into the spoiler board.

    @pierre mentioned an interesting idea to me: we can use a thick sheet of MDF as spoiler board on top of the current plywood, but then we run a job to flatten that board with the router itself. I am willing to write the job and run it – if someone donates the MDF. Does anyone have a piece of MDF that is at least 6’x6’ and around 1/2" thick that they are willing to part with?

  • @hdsheena 's sister had a bunch of water-damaged laminate flooring… If we go through the boxes of that we might be able to use the stuff that is still sound for it.

  • Linux

    Carlin wants to hang onto the flooring until the house renos are done, in case he needs small scraps :(

    Learning and working on learning more!


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