Potential Space: 2700 Sq/ft. Warehouse Bay

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  • Would you sign up as a key holder if we go for this building? Do you see other advantages/disadvantages that I have not listed yet? Would you rent out some personal storage for your projects? Let us know what you think!

    I just wanted to point out that, personally, whether or not I would want to rent space / pay membership / etc would be mostly dependent on the price instead of the space’s specific attributes, especially as a student :)

    Cool space though!

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    I agree about price … hard to know what to commit to without an idea of the monthly cost.

    I also wonder about the location … a more central location (even if it is smaller) may be more attractive initially?

  • I think the larger space would be appreciated down the road. It wouldn’t take much time to fill it up with tools and machines once you get going. The three phase power is a nice option. I have found 3 phase machine tools tend to be less desirable and therefore cheaper on the second hand market. Not that a rotary phase convertor couldn’t be used to develop the three phase power if required. Some outside space would be nice for certain projects, welding or casting might be better done outside. A washroom would be at the top of my want list as well. Both look like nice spaces though.

  • For the welding, we could have space outside to do that, or also a vent hood to an outside wall. One of the projects I want to work on is a bus and this place looks to have enough room to actually be able to store that there. So we could have a community usable trailer and what not which I think is a big selling point. It isn’t pictured but there is a fenced area that is about 20ftx30ft off the side that is a negotiable addon. So there is the main fenced lot, for parking etc, and then another fenced area off that next to the building that could be “ours”.

    Personally I think we should start the process with this one to see what final terms we can come up with, and shoot for a March 1st move in date if they will let it sit empty with a 1 year lease guarantee on March 1, and work time lines back from there for marketing/membership drives etc.

    The shop that is in there now is moving at the end of the month, I bet if we all offered to help them move/cleanup etc we might be able to get them to leave a bunch of stuff they don’t want. At this stage, even free scraps would have value to us, and no better way to build a community than with hard physical work.

  • @chrisfosterelli As a student what would you consider to be a palatable monthly cost to get access to a facility like this? Thanks for your input btw, its a really great comment.

  • @merlindb hard to say. I don’t want to commit to anything because obviously it would be fairly dependent on how much a facility would benefit me, but during school months I would have a hard time seeing myself spending more than $50-60/month and I’d instead hope to do a drop-in fee at that point. That’s just me, however. I’m not sure what price point you guys had in mind.

  • This is the location in case anyone is interested:

    Google Map

  • @pierre actually that is not the right place, the current location is not on the reserve. Here is the correct location

    I have talked to a few people about potential spaces around that area you pointed out. We should go checkout some spaces in that area for sure.

  • It’s behind the red bridge.

    That bridge is scary :cry:

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