CNC router 101 workshop

  • I would love to get members using our CNC router as soon as possible. I now have enough information to run a workshop covering the CNC router basic usage and safety. We will start with drawing a part in Inkscape as well as onshape. We will then create the gcode representing our 2.5D cut. Finally we will cut as many parts as we can in the time we have. I would be open to cutting parts for you provided you have a clean and relatively simple drawing.

    When: Thursday October 15th from 5:30pm to 7:30pm
    Where: Kamloops Makerspace
    How much: 5$ suggested donation
    Instructor: Aras (others are welcome to help or present!)
    How many tickets: 12 people maximum (this workshop, like always, is open to public)
    How to sign up?: Just reply to this topic indicating that you want to come! The first 12 people that reply, will be added to the list of attendees.


    1. @bct
    2. @Chainmaildave
    3. @toxuin
    4. @pierre
    5. @Chris
    6. @pierre 's dad
    7. @Cindos
    8. @craig
    9. @robert
    10. @tinfoilknight
    11. @Jacob-S
    12. Ron Thompson

    As we have discussed before, for each of the more complicated tools at the space, we would develop an introductory course. In order to use that tool, you would need to have the badge that you have passed the course. So this is your first chance to get your CNC 101 badge! This badge will also be required when we run a more advanced CNC router workshop.

    If no one has objections to that time ( Thursday October 15th from 5:30pm to 7:30pm ) I will post instructions for purchasing tickets here.

  • Im in. If it is open to non members.

  • Member

    I am in

  • I’ll pop this on our events calendar :)

  • 3D

    Count me in!

  • I’m in.

  • Since we are limiting this workshop to only 12 people, to keep things simple, lets use this thread to sign up. I have already added the above four people to the list. Anyone else that wants to sign up: just reply to this topic and I will add you to the list of attendees. Thanks!

  • Miss read that entirely. Looking forward to it!

  • Linux

    Sign me up please!

  • My Dad wants to come if that’s OK. He’ll be in town that day.

  • My Dad wants to come if that’s OK

    Of course! The workshop is open to everyone.

  • Sounds interesting. I’d like to sign up if there is still space.

  • @Cindos done!

    Still 5 more spots left. I update the original post every time someone signs up.

  • I’d be in, if non-members are welcome?

  • I have a CNC machine that my wife bought me that I have never been able to use. Would this workshop be useful in learning the basics of design to start using it?

  • @robert said:

    I have a CNC machine that my wife bought me that I have never been able to use. Would this workshop be useful in learning the basics of design to start using it?

    Im hoping so. But in the mean time ive signed up to onshape. They ask you first thing if you have cad exp. Then they send you tutorials based on your answer. I was kind of impressed with the program and the help.

    I plan on drawing the most simple thing i need . Which is the oval lightning hole that is used in the torsion table. A nice true template in 1/2 mdf would be great to use with a flush cutting bit while i build one. I could make one in 10 minutes but where is the fun in that!.

  • I’m in. Don’t want to miss out

  • @craig yes, our workshops are open to public. I signed you up.

    @robert yes, I hope so! I signed you up. There is so much overlap between different types of CNC machines that I am sure you will learn some useful tips. Meanwhile, feel free to start a new topic about your CNC machine on this forum and ask any questions you have.

    @tinfoilknight I am glad you can make it! I signed you up as well.

    Only two more spots left! who will take them! :smile:

  • @robert you should totally start a thread describing the machine you have and your experiences so far with it. I have ever confidence that somebody will help you out.

  • I would be totally up for learning how to use the CNC Router. Count me in for the workshop

  • Thank you for your help. I have not used the machine at all so far. I look forward to your workshop to get started. if there is still space, please sign me up.

    I have no cad experience at all, but I am very familiar with graphic design software and fair computer skills.

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