Thank you scorpion technologies for all the donations!

  • Ron, @Chainmaildave and I went to scorpion yesterday. They had a big load of donations nicely stacked on a palette, ready for us to pick up. They have in the past donated equipment to us and they plan to continue giving us equipment that they no longer need.


    While most of the equipment is older, they are in good shape and they are going to be very useful at the space. I really appreciate that they put in the effort to even label things that they knew were working or had issues.


    I am very proud of the fact that we are receiving support from local businesses. It proved that we are on the right track, and businesses in town are interested in supporting us any way they can.

    Thank you!

    Big thank you to @BrianB and the Scorpion Technologies for all their support. I look forward to seeing a lot of light bulb moments while we hack all the things with these awesome equipment.

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