Sept 26 Dog Event - Summary!

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    Thank you to everyone who helped make this day a great success. We had lots of fun and the dogs did great. Everyone loved the space, and we had several “non-typical” people express interest in the makerspace!

    We raised around $200 for the makerspace, plus there are a bunch of sandwiches left over from the lunch. If @Nicholas hadn’t arranged the lunch, we would have been hungry! Thanks to Mike at Reubin’s for making it.
    I think the leftover sandwiches can be bought for $5? Nicholas can clarify.

    I know there is interest in using the space for future dog events, so we should talk about that at some point!

    We ended up with 9 dogs getting their “full titles” at this trial, and only had one community-person who was loitering in the morning but moved along. Having foot traffic in and out the front of the building was very helpful.

    A very kind man from the Emerald House saw our small signs that listed the order for the dogs, and brought over some dog stuff he’d found to give to us. The bag included a small dog backpack, and a bag full of many of the toys that were stolen from my car! Reiker is very happy to have his balls back.

    The owner of Stickie’s came by and offered all of our participants 2 for 1 Ice cream cones. Several took advantage of the offer, and wow did they enjoy it!

    Integra Tire and Riversyde Auto kindly allowed us to use their parking lot, and it was great.



    Some people with their ribbons and dogs!

    Learning and working on learning more!


  • @hdsheena great job! I am so glad everthing worked out, and even Reiker was reunited with his balls! Also I am really happy that we are developing a positive relationship with the businesses in our neighbourhood.

    Keep up the great work!

  • I can’t pass up the opportunity to say “Hooray for Balls!”

    'cause I’m real mature that way.

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