Lantern and light festival starts this November

  • Nicholas and I met with Kamloops Art Council last Thursday at the makerspace. We are very excited to collaborate with the on a series of activities around lantern festival that will start happening in November.

    This is a very exciting opportunity for us. We will make all sort of cool light displays, and will run workshops to enable others to build them too. This will include LED powered lanterns as well as many other types of light display. We are planning to be the go-to place for businesses in town that would require a special light display.

    Lets start thinking about what kind of light displays we would like to build, and what kind of supplies we will need. Kamloops Art Council will send us some money to purchase materials for workshops. In the mean time we should put a list together and order some LEDs and any electronics that will be useful ahead of time. The sooner we have material, the sooner we can run workshops. I am planning to put an order of around 100$ together in the next couple of days. What do you think I should buy?

    Material to buy for building light displays

    • LED strips
    • EL wires
    • what else?

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