Please update your avatar, it's virtual group photo time! :)

  • Congratulations to all you pioneers!
    Thank you for believing in our mission and joining us in this critical early stage. Your feedback at this time is very important in shaping our maker community in Kamloops.

    As I promised all users that have signed up so far will get the pioneer badge – which will be no more!


    I noticed many members have not updated their profile image. Now would be a good time to do that, since I am planning to capture an snapshot similar to the above image, and planning to frame it and hang it in our makerspace when we move in :smile:

    To update your avatar, you can go to your profile > Edit> Change Picture.


    If you have a gravatar account, we automatically make those avatars available to you as well. Anyway, make sure you are looking sharp for the camera ;) thanks!

  • I used dis to upgrade my avatar.

    from this: useravatar.png

    to this:

    Still deciding if I should keep the high frequency decompose of the old image in the new image. It looks a little too much like jpeg artifacts :<

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