A variety of ports

  • I saw this on G+ and thought that others might find it useful.


  • I will print this and put it up somewhere. It will be very handy to have around when we are sorting cables and electronics. Thanks!

  • Linux

    Wow, that image is nostalgic.
    When is the last time you saw a DB25 serial port on a piece of equipment?

  • I still have a few computers around with DB-25 and I actually bought an FPGA card with a DB-25 for driving a CNC machine (so it looks like a parallel port, but it’s more intelligent).

    And I even have a few laptops with DB-25 parallel ports on them !

    I still have an 1200 baud acoustic modem somwhere too, as well as an ISDN modem. Dual 64K channels - I remember when that was fast :)

    I still have some centronics SCSI cables too.

  • I see DB-25 ports on modems every day. Hilariously common in industrial applications.

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