Robotic Arm Project

  • I just finished an online Introduction to Robotics course from Queensland University in Austrailia.

    It was mostly about forward and inverse kinematics for robot arms and I rather enjoyed it. There was a final project which was to build a robot arm which would follow a path from between a set of points.

    Here are my 3 videos for the arm I built:

    I’ve signed up for the Robotic Vision course which is starting in a couple weeks, so that one should be interesting as well.

  • Linux

    Was the arm a kit or did you fabricate the parts?

  • Amazing talent dave. Thanks for sharing.

  • @Chris The base was a piece of 1/4" Delrin. I used a piece of aluminum angle which I had to carve up a bit to make some clearances:

    The off-white pieces are standard Robotis pieces that come in the kits that have the AX-12 servos in them.

    The grey pieces were 3-D printed:

    Here’s a shot with the elastic and pencil removed:

    And a shot of the worksheet after 3 runs:

    The pencil marks are fairly faint at the top, but you can see them if you open the image at full size.
    The 2 white pads were shims for adjusting my base (the arm wasn’t quite swinging in a plane parallel to the floor).

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