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  • Hey Guys,

    I’d like to learn to use the 3d printer, so I was wondering do we have a page that talks about the printer, and the collective knowledge we have about it? For instance, I’ve started using slicer and it has lots of settings that I’m unsure about, but there is an “export Config”. Has anybody had good luck with the 3d printer and could you upload your config file if so?

    I’m going to come in tomorrow with the goal of printing out a part I’m drafting, so I will update this post with some pictures/cad files and maybe ask some more questions as I run into them!

    Thanks everybody,

  • As promised, here is what I’m working on. It’s a frame to hold an arduino using screws and a magnet. I still need to size the screw holes and magnet hole.

    Imported into Slic3r:
    Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 8.05.20 PM.png

    Screenshot from solidworks:
    arduino case v1.JPG

    stepfile on my dropbox:
    https://www.dropbox.com/s/jv05kqyqe4h3ja0/Arduino Case v1.STEP?dl=1

  • On a related note, does the space or anyone have a tap set for m3 screws?

  • @Ryan yes we have a metric tapping set, only m2 was missing last I checked.

    About the printer settings, @toxuin is putting them on our github repo, well post a link to it soon. We can slice yours at space today.

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    It’s on the repo now. But I believe you need to be granted access to see it. Bug @arasbm ^_^
    In Slic3r, open File -> Load Config Bundle and select the .ini bundle you’ve got from github.
    Beware, however, that these settings probably won’t produce any decent results with any other printer. It’s only for Kamloops Makerspace UP to Smoothie printer, obviously.

  • Thanks @toxuin for your help today! After a quick tweak to zero out the z axis the part printed without any further difficulty.

    initial printing timelapse

    finished product

    mounting to arduino

  • Metal

    @arasbm ACK! there weren’t any pieces missing from that set when I dropped it off, I hope its just floating around the tool box somewehere

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