Anyone want to fix a cordless drill tonight?

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    Someone dropped off a pretty nice cordless drill at the space yesterday. It is in very good shape and it sounds like the charger is broken. I am guessing it is a small soldering job, or you may need to swap the power adapter for the charger with another one. The person who donated it was interested in learning how it can be fixed, they may show up during hack night tonight. Let me know if you want to take on the job. I am sure once fixed this drill will get a lot of use.

    It has a quick release chuck so you can have two different bits attached to it at once and quickly switch between them. :+1:

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    I am planning to drop in this evening, and drop off 3mm filament for 3D printing that I have no use for. I am also hoping to drop off a printer that has been identified as surplus at the clinic I do IT work for; it is relatively new and black and white. It is in full working order. Let me know if you do not want these items.

    If there is a multimeter at the hackspace I would be happy to look at the drill charger while I am there.

  • Yes, please bring the printer and filament. Would be great to have you here tonight.

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    Driving home it occurred to me that what @arasbm was saying about the LED not lighting up when not charging makes a lot of sense and that I never tried plugging the battery in to see if it would light up the last time.
    It is possible its fixed and we just need to try plugging in the battery to the charger?
    Worth trying anyway.

  • My wife has that set with 3 bad batteries. Charger , two drills and recip saw all work fine. I’ll drop it off next couple weeks.

  • @Chris I tried charging the batteries and it looks like both batteries are completely dead. The power supply we were using has short protection. There was voltage before plugging the battery in at the charger terminals, but as soon as I would connect the battery the power supply would shut itself off. That also explains why the old charger power supply was fried. So the charger is good now, we need new batteries instead.

    @bct that would be awesome, if you don’t need them. We will finally have a nice drill set at the space!

    @pierre was also talking about converting the batteries we have to Lipo batteries. That would be very cool upgrade as well.

  • Should I bring the bad batteries too.? Hate to burden the space with stuff you can’t just throw away. But, If you are converting them you may need the base plates.

  • @bct yes please bring the bad batteries too!

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