Lockers in kelowna

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  • The link doesn’t work. If you goto then cklck on Browse for Auction Items and then click on Office Furniture/Supplies then it was the 3rd item in the list.

    It looks like the Auction closes in a few days (Oct 26)

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    Did someone bid? @arasbm ? @Nicholas ?

  • I have not bid on it. I have two questions:

    1. Do members want a locker?

    2. Can anyone go to Kelowna to pick these up? (I know I cant)

    Auction Details:
    Lockers - Metal - 10 Banks of 4
    Items located in Kelowna, BC.
    Arranged shipping is NOT available for this auction item. All removal and shipping
    arrangements are the sole responsibility and expense of the high bidder.
    4 lockers per bank
    3 coat hooks under top shelf
    Some minor dents and scratches, Overall condition is unknown
    Each Bank - 24 inches wide x 16.5 inches deep x 72 inches high
    Each Locker - 12 inches wide x 36 inches high
    Overall condition is unknown
    Viewing is by APPOINTMENT ONLY.
    For a viewing appointment or for further information, contact the onsite custodians Laurie
    at (250) 870-5152 Ext: 6610 or Robbie at (250) 870-6610 Ext: 6953 between 9:30am to 1:30pm,
    Monday to Friday.
    Items are located at School District No. 23, Operations Department, 685 Dease Road,
    Kelowna, BC

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    They seem bad dimensions for project storage… Anyone else have any input?

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    \standard high school lockers, not idea for larger projects but would be great for work clothes, lab coats etc, or even books and small personal tools (ie expensive stuff that isn’t for public use) I’m sure they would get used if we had them.
    I will be in Kelowna next weekend ( 14th ) so I could bring them back for us if we do bid on them and win.

  • I think we would be better off making lockers. That’s what we do, right?

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