Performing Arts Center

  • I received a message from Kathy Sinclair (Executive Director of Kamloops Arts Council). They have been very supportive of our group and are interested in collaborating with us on various projects. We are planning to help them with the 2015 Lumière Lantern Festival during November by running workshops. However this message is about the Performing Arts Centre:

    Hello: the Kamloops Arts Council Board of Directors is in full support of the proposed Kamloops Performing Arts Centre & Parkade (PAC). We are calling for your group’s support for the PAC Referendum, which is coming up quickly.
    It’s vitally important that Kamloops citizens get out to vote. On the two advance voting days (Wednesday, Oct. 28 & Monday, Nov. 2), as well as Voting Day Nov. 7


    I really enjoyed casting my first vote as a Canadian last Monday :smile: . I am planning to go and vote yes on Wednesday Oct. 28th. I believe the performing art centre will be a very useful resource for our town and will attract more artist and makers to our community.

    Let me know if you want to come along Wednesday afternoon and we can meet up at the makerspace.

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