Hacking the hunted house! This Wednesday from 4pm until late

  • This Wednesday lets focus our attention on the hunted house projects, since that is happening this Friday!


    @Nicholas and @Chainmaildave have done a great job of designing the rooms and they have already made some great props. We may have to fix or make some props or accessories to help run the event. When you arrive, ask them what work is available.

    I am planning to help with sound and lighting. If you can lend us any of the following items for a few days, that would be awesome!

    • raspberry pie
    • arduino uno or mega, even better if you have a sound shield
    • laptop or other small speakers
    • mp3 players (anything that can play a sound track, bonus if it can loop)

    some other things that I know need fixing include:

    • our resident aliens need an eye upgrade
    • @Chainmaildave will probably need help with the constructing the illusion room

    Anything other task that may pop up, we will post here. Of course you are welcome to come up with your own projects.

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    The optical illusion room is not going to happen as the cost and labour of doing the room is not going to weigh put against the effect :(

  • Linux

    I have a little speaker and an arduino mega…

    Learning and working on learning more!


  • Turns out late, was about 2AM. We decided to use some 12VDC RGB strips to re-do the alien eyes.

    I’m rewiring that part now since we had reliability issues. I’ve decided to use network cables to wire the heads up, since that gives me 8 strands, which would allow independent Red Green Blue channels for each of the left and right eyes. Not really relevant for the blinking Green eyes we will have this year but future-resistant for later years. I’m wiring as follows:

    | Signal | Left | Right |
    | +12VDC | Orange Solid | Brown Solid |
    | Red GND | Orange White | Brown White |
    | Green GND | Green Solid | Blue White |
    | Blue GND | Green White | Blue Solid |

    Mostly this post is here so I have something to search for later to help me find the wiring info.

  • Anybody around before 230? I can help if you need it.

  • Sounds like the alien heads will look more organized and can be recycled with different light changes. Will look better than the previous wiring installed last night

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