Pro forma cash flow

  • I think that creating a shared pro forma spreadsheet will bring out the constraints to the potential space search.

    It will guide the setting of membership costs, and allow projections and “what if” scenarios to be run.

    As hidden expenses are uncovered, those can be incorporated into the documents and the constraints updated.

  • I have thrown together a google sheet that is skeleton proforma to start adding detail to. Maybe be shared and collaboratively edited. @arasbm is there a way I can give this to you for putting somewhere?

  • @lincolns yes please share the document with me and I can try to either embed it here, or share it with everyone.

  • I put the spreadsheet on google drive for now and it is available publicly. I made a few changes to it, specifically I think ~$1200 is what we should aim for the starting rent and I added $200 per month for maintaining tools or buying important tools that we don’t have donated yet.
    It still is not a clear picture and I think we need to continue refining it as we discuss specifics of the makerspace. But that is a really good start, thanks @lincolns !

  • Keep filling as more information is known, and seek out numbers in areas you are not sure of. Looking to other makerspaces for things like membership growth numbers and best approaches to member drives can be helpful. Don’t let staying in above 0 balance bias the projections. @megan you probably have experience or connections for this type of investigation in Winnipeg.

  • I just made a plethora of changes to the pro forma cashflow. This best reflects my understanding of our conversations for the last few months. If anyone has any concerns or suggestions please let me know. If you choose to make your own changes please keep the formatting in mind.

  • Founder

    nice. Thanks Nicholas. I sent you a few comments I had by email, hopefully you got those. Most of it was pretty basic stuff, but I wanted to read through it and get my 2 cents in, just in case it may have been helpful.

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