3D printed USB light cover

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    When @helen and I were in Wednesday evening, @arasbm gave us one of these USB light sticks to play with. I made a cover for it (a night light?):


    This is what I came up with (the files are available at (http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1096190):


  • Nicely done! Are you two still up for leading a 2 hour workshop on usb powered 3D printed ornaments?

    I am thinking Monday November 9th from 5:30 to 7:30 would be a good day for it, would that work?

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    I think we are … I am still twisting @helen 's arm.

    What exactly would the format of a workshop like this be?

    Does everybody who attends get a 3d printed part that they can modify in some way?

  • It would be great to have a few printers going in parallel. Perhaps @Bishop @meagan @dhylands or @toxuin would be able to bring their printer, or print some of the jobs participants submit. Any takers?

    I would post a few sample models online and ask people to start working on theirs. During the workshop we can print a few models and the rest can be done later and participants can pick it up at Makerspace. Honestly it is totally up to you how the two hour workshop time is used.

    I think this workshop should be paid because there will be a lot of work involved. I suggest 15$. Let me know if that works.

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    I can bring my printer for sure! The second iteration is relocatable though pretty gigantic (~450 mm^3, ~1.5 ft^3). Picture. It’s still missing the heated bed so for now it prints only in PLA.

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    Also using the USB light stick (and an arduino clone) a morse code pumpkin …

    @helen 3d printed the shell from here.

    video of pumpkin

  • @Chris can I borrow a couple of the 3D printed light covers you guys made to display at our booth for this Saturday?

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    Absolutely. I put a couple of red covers into the bag (envelope?) of LED sticks. Also, I’ll try and track down the one we have here and bring it this evening.

  • Cool, I also love the midi sound reactive thing you guys made, if you think you can part with it for a few days ;)

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