Electronics books

  • Hello,

    Solarbotics is re-evaluating what books we carry and so I am trying to reach out to reliant groups and find suggestions for some products. I figured it would make sense to reach out to K3rs and see what books you have used or really made an impact in your electronics hobbieing (its a word, look it up later :P )

    The books I am looking for need to be relevant to our products, so anything DIY with a focus on Arduino, Rasberry Pi, Robotics or fun educational books. Ideally with a comprehension level of beginner to intermediate electronics.

    Also, if you have a book that really helped but doesn’t quite make the criteria, please still suggest it.

    Thank you for your help.


  • Getting Started in Electronics - Forrest Mims
    Vehicles, Experiments in Synthetic Psychology - Valentino Braitenberg


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