Agenda Items for Board Meeting Thursday November 5th

  • For the board meeting tomorrow, I have I have a couple of agenda items:

    1. I nominate @tinfoilknight to join the board of directors. He is a very active key holder and has been helping us with a lot of projects at the space. Every time we were in need of volunteers, @tinfoilknight has been there. One thing I really appreciate about him is that he finds a problem, comes up with a solution, starts working on it and finishes it in a very reasonable time. He is also very analytic and a great communicator. I think having him representing us on the board will be a huge win.

    2. Motion to make hosting workshops completely free for members. If you are a member you already do your contribution. I found that hosting workshops is stressful enough that I rather not worry about the 70/30 split. I think it would be reasonable to keep the 70/30 rule for non members and let our members host workshops and keep any money that they can make from selling tickets.

    3. @Chainmaildave : Haunted House: what worked and what didn’t. What changes we should make for next year?

    Feel free to comment on these items here, or post other agenda items before tonight. Meeting is tomorrow (November 5th) at 5:30.

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    We should probably do a post mortem about the Haunted House: what worked what didn’t changes we should make for next year etc

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