Lumière Workshop #2: Monday Nov 9th 5:30 to 7:30

  • Thank you everyone that showed up to our first workshop. I think we have a very creative group of people involved and I am really excited to see what you all will make. Our next meeting will be this Monday (November 9th) at the makerspace. I think most of us will focus on creating the skeleton or any supporting structure that we will need for our installation. Some people may also work on programming controllers or wiring up their installation.

    If you have any of these materials taking space in your garage, feel free to bring some for your project or to share:

    • pieces of acrylic (specially useful if it is thicker than 4mm)
    • plywood
    • fencing wire
    • wire cloth hangers
    • Thick monofilament fishing line
    • Any other material that you think would be useful!

    [whoisin title=(Will you attend the workshop on Monday November 9th?) iamin=(Yes I will be there!)]

    This is a free workshop and new people are welcome to join us! See you Monday! :smile:

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