Permaculture Kamloops Meeting at Makerspace November 17th 7:00 pm

  • Hello everyone, after much hemming and hawing among our very small, informal group of Kamloops and area permie enthusiasts I’ve asked Aras if we could meet for an inaugural meeting on November 17th at 7:00 at Kamloops Makerspace. We have been attending the Vernon meetings once a month and sucking up all their knowledge and enthusiasm but now it’s time to plunge into permaculture in Kamloops in a big way. We are not sure where this group will go but we’ve been getting a lot of interest from people in attending. If we are successful generating members and committed enthusiasm we hope to be hosting workshops on things such as building solar dehydrators and talking about beekkeeping, pruning trees, and building other neat things around our homes that contribute to the abundance of the land and our health. We would welcome anyone who has an interst in permaculture whether it be minimal or professional!

  • I am really excited about this meeting. Thanks for choosing to host it at the makerspace! :smile:

  • Holder

    Sorry I missed, are there any plans for another one in the works?

  • Yes January 19th at 7:00 pm at Kamloops Makerspace. We skipped December because it’s too close to Christmas.

  • You could join our two FB pages…Permaculture Kamloops News and Permaculture Kamloops Discussion. All ongoing information will be there as well! Plans are afoot for a solar dehydrator workshop early in the new year!

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