We have reporters visiting us on Monday November 16th

  • Just a quick note to let everyone know; we have reporters coming to the space on Monday evening (November 16th around 5:30).

    Jessica Klymchuk from Kamloops this week will be here to do an story on our workshop for lumiere festival for the down town section.

    We will also have Sam Numsen from Shaw TV come with their crew to do some on-camera interviews and highlight both Kamloops Makerspace and promote the Lumière Lantern Festival on their weekly show on Shaw TV.

    We still have a lot of cleaning and organizing to do at the space, and now that we have a chance to show the space to a larger audience – it is a good time to get more organized. Nicholas and I are here today and at least one of us will be here tomorrow and all day Monday. If you are free any time during the next few days please come by the space to help us clean and organize.


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