KAC Art in the dark fundraising event: Saturday November 28th

  • We have a 10’ by 10’ room at the Kamloops art council’s upcoming fund raising event: Art in the dark. If need your help to fill up that space! If you made something cool that lights up and is portable; please lend it to me for Saturday so I can display it at our booth.
    I also need one volunteer to help me decorate and be at the room with me during the event, anyone?

  • Hello Aras,
    I came yesterday afternoon, but you had already left, I hope that you did not come down just to meet me, if so I am sorry I was late. Please let me know a time that someone will be in if you know. I can help set something up at art in the dark, I have a ticket, so bring someone else also.


  • @heather I will be at the space until 1pm and then back here again at 5pm tonight. It would be awesome if you could bring something to display at our booth!

  • my husband and i have tickets for tonight, i have to set up a fabric and elwire octagonal relax space, what were you thinking of doing? what time can we set up?

  • @Ron_Ron and I are meeting at the space at 2pm today to get decorated. We are planning to make some LED strip belts and possibly light up our hats. Would be awesome if you could join us!

  • @arasbm what is the earliest we can go there? i have silver fabric to install with el wire cascade, if we could also backlight it that would be cool.

  • I am at the space, hope to see some people here soon :smile:

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    Your dedicated makerspace crew at Art in the dark.

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