Board Meeting Notes: Nov 26 2015

  • Founder

    Present: Aras, Nicholas, Dave, Tyler, Brad

    1. Preview Partnership Proposal for Insight
    2. Set AGM date
    3. Metal Shop
    4. Lasercutter
    5. tool crib for Acres construction
    6. Enigma
    1. Enigma
    • Motion Lights (@tinfoilknight we are pricing out lights. If we buy, do you think you, with potentially a hand or two could install?)

    • Finish fire escape.

    • Dave suggests panic button for injuries

    • Discussion of cameras in the shops and around the building

      • We have cameras and a DVR, some wire is run, just need to be hung, and connected.
    1. Set AGM date
    • Sat feb 20. Yes! Unanimous.
    • Shooting to have events at least around the meeting that day, and hopefully all weekend.
    • Looking for help volunteering to organize the event.
      • Brad will make a post
    1. Metal Shop
    • Need to move paint cabinet
      • Paint cabinet will be used as one wall of the eventual paint room.
      • Dave needs a hand moving it
      • Next week at Hack Night, Brad will post
    1. Maintenance
    • Nicholas has patched the roof, temporary fix for the winter, but will need attention in the spring.
    • Nicholas okayed Courtney to pay cash for weatherproofing supplies, $50-100.
    • Insulation for boarded windows?
    • Nicholas wants to buy a roll of poly…YES!
    • Nicholas has a pallet of rock salt. He will bring some.
    • Maintenance Budget? Discussion
    • Should we buy Motion lights? Yes!
    • Compost Bin.
      • @arasbm will be bringing compost to his home to be piled up and finished.
      • @arasbm will arrange for some signage explaining
    • @Bradley Maker will deal with the garbage in the wood room this week
    • Inspections will be done soon
      • We want to get the place in as good a shape as possible beforehand.
      • Fire extinguisher checks
        • @fullmetalbuddha has a contact, he will arrange for fire extinguishers and smoke alarms.
    • Nicholas has free front doors from restore, just needs to measure opening to be sure they will fit.
    • Nicholas suggests building a box around the swamp heater
    • Aras suggests door or curtain for the kitchen. (It has been done, and what a difference!)
    • Exit Signs?
    • Leaky sink in the kitchen
    1. Insight support services Proposal
    • Aras has drawn up a proposal, the basics of which are:
      • They will pay $500 per month
      • They will receive 3 keyholder memberships
    • Unanimous Yes.
    • Aras will bring in the contract for final approval soon
    • @Nicholas will get us a guardian consent form.
    1. City of Kamloops social planning grant app
    • We have applied for a grant that would pay for %25 of a $6000 lasercutter.
      *There are 3 models being considered
    • money would be available in early 2016, and we have the year to spend it.
    • We will fundraise as much of the remaining amount as we can
    1. Tool Crib

    *Acres construction wants a system for keeping track of tools. Grant knows, we’ll wait for him to be present.

  • I will be happy to install the motion lights.

    We were going to set up an online work group to work out the options for the tool crib. Any idea when that would be complete?

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