2016 Annual General Meeting, looking for help

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    Good afternoon Makers.

    At our last board meeting we settled on a date, and a very rough idea of how we want our AGM to go.

    The date: Saturday, Feb 20, 2016

    We have not set a time yet, but it will be during the day, a couple of hours of presentations, thank you’s, a quick review of the past year, and a collaborative look ahead to the next. We would like to come away from the AGM with a vision and some goals for the next year.

    The other big thing that will happen is voting in board members. You have 3 months to think about whether or not that is something that you would like to pursue, or who you think should be in those positions. We will post more information about voting closer to the AGM.

    Finally, we chose a weekend so that we would have some time to make it a bigger event, instead of just another meeting. We would like to have some workshops, demonstrations, and perhaps some show and tell from our community. We are looking for volunteers to help plan this event, as well as chip in during the AGM to make it a success.

    If you have any interest in helping out, or have ideas that could make our AGM fun, inspiring, informative or entertaining, please reply to this thread.

  • Im in, I will organize my thoughts about all these things.
    I will help anyway I can, ideas,inspiration,workshops,demonstrations, future visions.
    Feb 20th, ok. perfect.

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    Thanks @Darkmoonlight

    If you come up with any brilliant ideas, please bring them to the next board meeting, Jan 11th, monday, and we can discuss them there. If you can’t make it, either post back here, or get in touch with me, and I’ll bring your ideas to the meeting.

    Here is a list of a couple of practical things to think about before the Jan 11th meeting:

    We have discussed much (businesses on the block, lotteries) but I don’t think much leg work has been done other than getting a blessing from the stereo wharehouse to casually use their lot after hours. We need to figure out a way to deal with this for these events, especially during the day on saturday. I think trying to get in bed so to speak with our neighbours is the way to go, find ways to make them part of the event so that they benefit and share parking space. It occurs to me that we could also do this with other businesses in the downtown core. Perhaps we strike a deal with a cafe or two, maybe guests can get a free coffee if they are willing to walk from close to the parkade? Addictions are powerful motivation…

    If we are having an all-day event, we should have food of some sort. Refreshments at least. Too cold outside for carts, but perhaps there is a food cart operator that would like the business in the off season? Caterer? We can make some money off of food if we are willing to invest a little, and have the people to get it done. Although I think that partnering with a local business, a caterer or cafe and offering them the opportunity creates a nice link.

    Our washrooms are a bit scary from a public perspective. I think that is something that we need to spruce up seriously. Although we MUST keep the floor length urinals. Those are awesome. @Nicholas, where are we at with the landlords and moving ahead on some building work?

    We are doing really well with all the signage around the space, big improvement over the last month or so, kudos. But I feel like we still need to fire up that router and make lots more.

    We need a list of volunteers, I think at least a half dozen to run the logistics of that day. Greeting, cleaning, washrooms, garbage, door, and just general safety. Also, we need a volunteer to organize volunteers.

    Families are always looking for things to do. If we do a good job at the family festival, we’ll have a bunch linked into social media and hopefully we can lure a whole bunch out to the AGM. I suggest a divide and conquer strategy. We occupy the children with something cool, allowing parents a few moments of peace so that we can talk to them about how they spend their valuable time and money.

    We need to have something amazing going on in every room. Also, I think having a public way to record ideas. Did anybody go to the city events that took in public feedback with big maps on the wall and lots of different ways to get feedback and brainstorms.

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    As far as washrooms and signage; we need a door for the upstairs washroom and we could router a few signs for the doors. Maybe something a little more creative than a typical male/female pictographs. I’ll check the restore for a door. A bit of sanding and fresh paint on the stalls would spruce them up and I’m looking into adding a pull chain to flush the urinals.

    Any other signs we want? Feel free to submit designs. I can make the signs but I’m no artist!!

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