Looking to contract "free surface flow" CFD work; Flow 3d, Ansys Fluent, AutoDesk CFD, Openfoam or ?

  • My company makes water intakes. I need someone to do some contract CFD modeling. The model has water flowing over a water intake. There is air above (free surface flow). Some of the water flows into the intake while some passes over top. This could be 2D modeling.
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    Stuart Douglass

  • I did some looking into various ways to model using computational fluid dynamics (CFD).

    With solidworks or autodesk cfd, there are at a lot of modeling options that allow you at analyze porous media, multiphase fluid flow, and particulate fluid flow. There are many advantages to using it, where a 3D design can be analyzed. I found a tutorial that shows how you would adjust the program to fit the environment your looking for.


    On pages 15-19 illustrate the different settings and techniques needed for different modeling simulations (multiphase flow, particle trajectory, etc.). With Solidworks or Autodesk CFD, a more complicated design or smaller mesh size will take your computer a long time to process, from experience could take an hour or could be 3 days.

    ANSYS Fluent has ways of performing more interesting fluid phenomenon and displaying the results in a 2D mesh. It has the capability of analyzing free surface water using the Volume of Fluid method (Chapter 18), analyzing a bubble flow using the Mixing method (Ch 11 or Ch 20), or determining areas of cavitation (Ch 19). I found a reasonable step-by-step process from the following site.


    OpenFoam is more code-based but looks like it can do some of the testing you are looking for. Here are two tutorials guides below:


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