Coming to Kamloops, Anything needed from Calgary / Solarbotics?

  • Hello, I am coming to town on the 21st. Anything needed from Calgary? I on holidays as of the 19th, so if you need anything from Solarbotics I need to know right away!

  • Can I get these things

    I am really looking forward to seeing you here in Kamloops. Hope we will have a chance to hang out much more this time!

  • Ok, send me the K3 logos again and I will custom engrave the LTS kits.

  • I think this svg version would work best.

    I switched the order of Kamloops and Makerspace in that :boom: KM :boom: logo as someone had suggested. So you can see makerspace first.


    Thanks! :smile:

  • Aras, I spoke with Cheryl and Dave. They agree that it would be a great idea to sell the kits to K3 for $5 each (this ONE time) instead of the $10 list price. This is provided that they will be sold for more than there $10 regular cost.

    The hope from a business stand point is that you will then use the money raised to buy more in the future. In addition I would personally ask that you give a shout out on social media thanking them.

    They also agreed that if you can raise more than $100 they will sell as many as you can find raise (within reason, because they are actually making 0$ on this sale) this one time.

    The LTS kit we are talking about is this one:

    **We have just recently added the 3’ length of solder.

    If you are interested, please let me know. I will bring them with me (so no additional shipping charges)


  • That would give us 20 kits for 100$. We will put Solarbotics as the workshop sponsor. The workshop will be in January or February. That would work for us! Thank you!

  • Linux

    Not sure if I am too late, but I would love to get:

    ACS714 Current Sensor Carrier -5 to +5A (part # 23210)

    Not sure how I pay for it either.

  • Just in time. Get your orders in before 6 PM, log online to the Solarbotics website and place your order like you would normally. Just change your shipping address to the B the solarbotics office and set it for local pick up. Once you’ve done this post that in this forum and I will go pick your order and have it ready.

  • After you place your order, post the order number, it will make it easier.

  • Ok, Aras and Chris, I have your orders with me.

    Chris, Please still place the online order. Aras, I will work with you to figure out payment when we get meet up.

  • Linux

    Thanks. I just paid as described above (order # 73455)

  • Hello, The alarm system has had the system errors fixed.

    Alarm System User Manual
    Alarm System Installer Manual

    The issue was that the phone line monitoring had been enabled, System date and time was wrong and alarm host was configured so the panel was trying to dial out.

    This has now been fixed, For educational value, here are the instructions for what I did:
    -*8 [Enters config menu]
    -[4 digit installer code]

    -015 [Options menu 3]
    -Turn off option 7 [disable phone line monitoring]
    -# [Commit settings]

    -301 [Provider Telephone number] (reset)
    -# [Commit settings]
    -# [to exit]

    -*6 [Enter user config]
    -[enter 4 digit master code]
    -The keypad will now accept 10 consecutive digits:
    • Enter the Time in Hours and Minutes using the 24 Hour format (00:00 to 23:59).
    • Enter the Date in Months, Days and Years (MM DD YY).

    Note: this would have been a lot easier if we had the LCD keypad that I had confirmed was here on my last visit.

    Looked like this:

  • I should clarify, the only light on now is “Ready”

    Also, anyone know where the door strikes have gone? I donated two of them.

    In future, if the alarm is beeping, here is some good info:
    To make it just shut up, do this: * 2 * *
    (note: this will not erase the error, just make it stop beeping)

    If you want to know why its doing that:
    To view troubles from an LED Keypad:
    A trouble will be indicated by the Trouble light which will remain ON until the trouble condition is cleared.
    If you cannot determine or remedy the cause of the trouble condition, contact your installer for assistance.
    To view the type of trouble condition, press [*][2]. One or more zone lights will turn ON, indicating the
    various trouble conditions:
    Zone Light Type of Trouble
    1 … Service required. Call your installation company for service. Press [1] and one or more of the
    zone lights corresponding to the following system troubles will turn ON:
    1.Low Battery 5.General System Supervisory
    2.Bell Circuit Trouble 6.Not used
    3.General System Trouble 7.PC5204 Low Battery
    4.General System Tamper 8.PC5204 AC Failure
    2 … Indicates the loss of AC power. When this trouble occurs, the Trouble light will turn ON but
    the keypad buzzer will not sound.
    3 … Telephone line trouble.
    4 … The panel has failed to communicate with the central station.
    5 … Zone fault. Press [5] and the zone light(s) corresponding to the faulted zones will turn ON.
    6 … Zone tamper. Press [6] and the zone light(s) corresponding to the tampered zones will turn ON.
    7 … Low zone battery. This trouble is generated when a wireless device exhibits a low battery
    Press [7] one, two, or three times to view which devices are experiencing battery failure.
    The following will occur:
    Keypad Beeps Keypad Display
    Press [7] … 1 … Zones with low batteries (LED keypad - zone lights 1 to 8)
    Press [7] again … 2 … Handheld keypads with low batteries (LED keypad - zone lights 1 to 4)
    Press [7] again … 3 … Wireless keys with low batteries (LED keypad - zone lights 1 to 8).
    To view the battery conditions of wireless keys 9 through 16, you
    must be at an LCD keypad.
    8 … Loss of time on system clock.

  • All the solarbotics parts are here at the space in the office.

    I didnt get to meet up with Aras, so I need to figure out payment ASAP.

  • Thanks again to everyone who helped. Colin you are doing a great job with the Alarm system. If anyone is willing to donate a bit of time to run even a single run of wire, please speak up. Colin has a big job ahead of him and it would be best served if he could project manage and focus on the RFID that he has worked so hard on.

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