Pine A64

  • On kickstarter now, there is a single board 64bit computer for 15$. Too good to be true? Please share your critical commentary.

  • Well there was also recently a $9 computer (only single core IIRC). And there is the PiZero for $5.

    You’ll spend more to get the sdcard, and power supply and other assorted cables and things needed to hook it up.

  • Linux

    Just took a look … impressive spec’s.
    As @dhylands said, you will spend more on accessories.

    We recently played around with a BPi router board at home; it is more expensive and targeted for a different purpose (open source routers) but has similar spec’s. The BPi runs most of the operating systems described for the Pine and it all works.

    The big frustration has been the small community base of users, leading to slow development of drivers and the software to take advantage of the unique features of the board. Unless you have a specific purpose in mind or are prepared to dig down and be involved in development work it can be challenging.

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