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    Hi everyone,
    I think mostly everyone knows me by now, but I’m Courtenay. I’ve taken over some of the membership administration from Nicholas, so he can focus on improving other aspects of the space’s administration.
    I’m going to put together some proposed formal procedures for membership, but to start with, here are my proposed ideas:

    1. Membership dues are paid before the 1st of the month for which they are due. For example, January’s dues would be paid before Jan 1. I’m assuming that because this change is only being discussed now, it would aim to start for Feb dues, with an eye toward 100% compliance by March dues (ie: March 1).

    2. Membership dues can be paid by etransfer, by emailing Nicholas’ personal address. These funds will be deposited directly into the makerspace account, and should add convenience for some members. If this is something you’re interested in, I will get you the address and password privately so we’re not posting it publicly on the forum!
      If you still want to pay cash or cheque, that’s fine, but we’ll work on setting up a secured mailbox on the office wall for Nicholas to access.

    3. I will be going through the records of waivers and membership forms, but if you know you haven’t signed a waiver or filled out a form, please get in touch. The easiest way to get in touch with me is by email at but you can reply here and I can get in touch that way as well.

    4. In going through the records, I’d also like to confirm current key status. We’re concurrently working on security system stuff (more on that in another post) which may make the physical keys irrelevant, but if you have a physical key (or more than one?), please let me know so I can verify the key count against the original number of keys!

    If anyone has any concerns or objections, PLEASE say so! This is not a veto decision, just a proposal for some formalization, making things easier to track. Input is VERY welcome.

    Learning and working on learning more!


  • I am really thankful that you have taken this role on. We should create and official label for this position/role, any suggestions? :smirk:

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    Membership Director? :)

    Learning and working on learning more!


  • Sounds good to me, unless you want to go for something a bit more unconventional like “Chief Membership Wrangler” or something like that :smile:

  • Yes. Membership wrangler.

    Why paid before the first? I tried that with a previous landlord and that just lead to confusion. It’s just easier to have payment due on the first of the month it’s good for. We should have 6-12 months of cash reserve so we aren’t scrambling to pay the rent each month.

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    Right, due ON the first, but I’m inclined to allow people to pay when it’s convenient for them if earlier is better. For example, if you get paid the third Friday of the month, paying dues that Monday makes more sense than waiting an extra week to pay.
    It’s just an effort to give people some flexibility, but still have payment due PRIOR to the month’s membership.
    Does that make sense?

    Learning and working on learning more!


  • Are we having a problem with late payments ? I could see and wording it so that we say payment is due on the first but it would be helpful to the makerspace if you paid a few days early . My preference would still be to say payment is due on the first and just leave it at that .

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    Sure. Wording it as due on the first makes sense.
    The change is that we have been accepting payments for the current month until the end of that month, and I’m proposing we expect payment for the current month by the first of that month. That’s all.

    Learning and working on learning more!


  • That makes sense

  • Hello, as for the keys to the building. There are some options with digital secured entrance options. Then people pay the membership and get a entry code.

    I am sure the system that would work for this place is out there. I will collect some info on it.
    I will offer the installation of it, when and if it becomes available or necessary.
    1.fees due before the first: agreed

    1. etransfers, money, cheque: agreed

    I have lots of ideas and available skills, I’d be glad to help.Just ask.

  • I discussed this briefly with Nicolas, it would help him if you put “Makerspace Dues for MONTHNAME” in the subject of any e-transfer emails.

  • We have an electric strike system to install into the door, and a fob reader that will be integrated with the security system. Keypads with codes are not a good choice in that area. It is too difficult to prevent somebody from coming by at night and brute-forcing codes, or setting up a system to shoulder-surf them.

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    Hi there. As a new keyholder, I am catching up with these threads.

    1. I have a key (obviously) - not sure if @hdsheena has updated her list with that.

    2. I would like to pay my dues by email transfer - @Nicholas could you please send me the email and password for that function to

    Thank you.

  • Hi,

    I’ve been trying to follow Makerspace since it first started, not sure what it is yet, seems to keep taking turns. My first concept of it was it is a place for people to go that don’t have room or tools of their own to make their projects there. Is this correct? What are the membership fees covering? liability, insurance? And how much are they?

    Marjorie Crystal
    Entreprenuer/Business owner
    Kamloops, BC

  • Yes, dues and various fund raising that we do cover all of that, also rent, power, heat, some consumables, and occasionally let’s us by new tools like laser cutter that none of us would likely have access to any time in the newer future without them.

  • What are the membership fees covering? liability, insurance? And how much are they?

    Hi @marjoleinje and welcome to our community! :)

    I think @pierre already answer the first part of your question. We have two levels of membership. When you initially join the space you can sign up as a drop in member which costs 50$ per month. As a drop in member you can come to makerspace any time a key holder is present. After 3 months of being a drop in you can upgrade to a Key holder membership if you choose to assuming that an existing key holder would vouch for you.

    A key holder membership is 100$ per month and it gives you 24/7 access to the space.

    I like to think that we also have a free membership which gives you access to the space every Wednesday night (from 5pm until late) at our weekly open house. You can also come any other time if an existing member invites you and stays with you at makerspace while you work on something.

    I often encourage people to come and get involved with our free events or group projects. See if you can get along with everyone (which is not hard) and see if the makerspace can be useful to you to justify paying 50$ or 100$ per month.

    It is hard to explain what makerspace is in a few scentence, but if I had 3 seconds to explain it I usually say community+tools+space.

    Hope that helps a bit, and also hope to see you at makerspace one of these days.

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    My metaphor for the Makerspace is that it’s like a gym for tools.
    A typical gym will have a membership fee, lots of equipment you may not want or have room for at home, classes on various topics where you can learn, personal trainers to help you with some thing specific…
    We have all of that but in a workshop/making context. The equipment, the classes, the people… Instead of getting fit (or in addition to, especially if you’re climbing the stairs!), you’re making things!

    Learning and working on learning more!


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