Key holder at space to let non-key holder in this afternoon?

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    Not sure if there is a thread started for this kind of question already?

    I’m hoping to work on the 3020 CNC router this afternoon and I am wondering if any key holders will be at the space so that I can get in? (planning to come in around 2)

  • Ill be there by 2:30

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    Any keyholders at the space this afternoon?

    I am hoping to drop by at around 3pm and work on the 3020 router if anybody is there?

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    I should be there

  • @Chainmaildave

    Hey Dave, if your looking forward to working on the vacuum former, I should be around the space near 5:00. Is there a time that works better for you

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    I am here now and will be here for the foreseeable future.

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