Maker Farm 12" Prusa iv3 enclosure build

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    So here is my enclosure build I was working on. 1/2" mdf construction, using router to make shoulders for see through plexiglass window, and well as the white plexiglass to illuminate the led color changing lighting.

    on laser cutter, cut out a gator skin texture on a stencil and airbrushed blue and red paint (what ever color i had lying around) for a bit of style. All plexiglass panels are removable to access components if necessary .

    Strong multi spool filament holder for extra options.
    laser cut lcd control board for the controls to relocate for easier access to the sd card slot.

    well here it is.

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    Here is a few more pics getting finished.
    Thanks for looking.

  • Linux

    Nice enclosure!

    Is the idea to get better temperature control for printing? If so, how it is working out?

  • yep that is right , better temperature control by preventing ambient cross air flow in the room.
    the box also provides a rigid floor base to keep it level, stronger rigid construction for the 1 kg spools of abs and pla, the original frame shakes and sways from left to right with the movement of the print head.

  • We might have to do something similar for our current 3D printer. Sweet detail on the enclosure by the way.

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