The new board of directors -- Call for candidates

  • I am looking for candidates to be on the board of directors for our non profit organization. I have talked to a few very capable individuals in the community, that I am hoping will answer this call, but I want to make sure that we will not miss anyone that is ready to make this commitment.

    We need to put together a dedicated and experienced team with a diverse technical background needed to run a makerspace. You would be expected to participate regularly in our board meetings and community events (all of which will be open to all members). We also need individuals who are financially secure and can commit to a keyholder membership (approximately $100 per month). If you run your own business, or participate in other non profit organizations in Kamloops, that is definitely a plus.

    Our mission is to create a vibrant and transparent maker community, and to establish a makerspace here in Kamloops. Don’t worry if you can not make the commitment to be on the board of directors at this time. There will be lots of opportunities to help out. We will create focus groups to help us with many tasks that we need to achieve.

    If you are interested to take on this role, please explain briefly what your vision for the makerspace is, and what experiences you bring to the table. Thanks!

  • Hello All,
    I have not made an introduction on here yet and this seems as good of place as any. My name is Nicholas Adams, and I have been attending hack nights regularly. I have been meeting regularly with Aras to discuss a maker space in kamloops and help out as I can. I would like to be a member of the board and intend to be a keyholder. I have a variety of skills, experiance and resources that I feel will be usefull for the founding and running of the maker space. I have met some of you and look forward to getting to know you all.

  • Hello Everyone!
    I have been wanting to start a makerspace here in Kamloops so the community has a place to collaborate, share ideas, learn from one another, explore new technologies and to socialize with people that have the same interests. I would be interested in being on the board as I have been holding maker workshops currently in the city and also run a 3D printing design and consulting business part time. I have a strong Design/CAD background, experience with manufacturing tools such as laser cutters, water jet machines, machine tools, 3d printers etc. I have a strong interest in bringing art and technology together in this space, a passion to learn new things and to share my knowledge with the community.

  • @meagan I should have let you know about this group long ago. I forgot about your interest and history with makerspaces. I am pleased you and your skills will be involved here.

  • Hello

    I have introduced myself briefly in the introductions post but would like to be considered for the board of directors, I definitely plan to be a key holder. My interests are mainly as a hobby machinist, I have started to dabble in CNC with a vertical mill. I think having a place to share ideas and knowledge and to meet like minded people will be an amazing addition to Kamloops. I am always interested in learning new things, be it tools, electronics, software… Sharing the skills I have managed to acquire over the years is also great fun, nothing like watching someone lay down a weld bead for the first time and stick two pieces of metal together : ) That being said I’m not an expert in any field the maker space would consider useful, unless the place happens to light on fire maybe : ) I look forward to hanging out with the rest of you, drinking cheap coffee and talking shop.

  • No worries @lincolns! I am looking forward to getting to know everyone involved!

  • Founder

    Hey all,

    I made a quick intro in the general department. But I’d like to throw my name into the hat here, if it isn’t too late.

    I have been periodically searching for groups like this the past year since arriving back in Kamloops. I grew up here, but had been gone for a decade or so. I found the odd rumbling of a meet-up starting in the summer, but always saw them after they had passed. Eventually I traced them back to Kamloops Innovation, and I think I am getting very close to actually tracking you all down!

    I’ve been dreaming about how to get a space started in this town for a few months. My head generally fills up with more ideas than I know what to do with, and so I’ve known all along that I needed to find others to collaborate with. I have ideas to share, and look forward to hearing where this project is at already, what’s planned, and how I can inject myself.

    I work in a big fancy shop everyday, and so I know woodworking tools, material flow and shop organization (or disorganization as the case may be).

    I have sat on a board with a non-profit before. I taught at a small private Waldorf school in Lumby (near Vernon) for a year, and it was a monumental effort of parent volunteers bootstrapping the institution out of non-existence that began long before I arrived, and continues on to this day. I sat in a lot of meetings, communicated with a diverse group of other volunteers, organized, planned events (not to mention lessons each day!), and kept on top of an always long, always expanding todo list of board or faculty administrative and physical tasks. I know the immense, and often ambiguous work involved in birthing an underdog, altruistic institution out of its womb and into the world.

    Our problem was always money…

    Economics is the subject that inspires me these days. Even though this is a non-profit, planning how to make something economically viable is a big issue. Most non-profits float on grant money. We explored this in Lumby, and always came to the conclusion that there was always a compromise involved, and a TON of work. That work was NOT supporting and teaching children, it was filling out forms, waiting on hold, trying to find the right number to call or the right person to talk to, and waiting…lots of waiting. The future has brought us 3D printing, CAD, and lasercutters, but it is also in the process of bringing a new economy, and new manufacturing and distribution techniques are driving this change. In short, there are better ways to make money than grant writing or fundraising (not that there isn’t a place for these), and I’d like to help us find those ways that will work for this organization. Our goal is to MAKE things, and making things is part of the backbone of any economy.

    I have some valuable experience in entrepreneurship. I started and folded a business. Growing food is not profitable, but trying to make it so is a fantastic experiment. I have been working towards working for myself over the past few months, and have rekindled my passion for all things entrepreneurial. One of my goals is to help seed a lot of small, local, businesses, and to foster a vibrant local economy and currency. The Maker movement is the perfect vehicle. I’m into new styles of economy, creating (making) the more beautiful world we all know is possible, interesting new pay-structures, distribution techniques and marketing schemes.

    I would be interested in being a keyholder as well, and can afford to commit.

    I love story telling. I’d love to help tell the story of this maker space. That is an important aspect, nothing has ever been made that didn’t have a story first.

    I’m modest and humble. I try and make myself easy to get along with, despite having a lot of strong opinions. I have enacted a couple of massive transitions in my life over the past couple of years. I’m settling down, and I need a new project, a new passion, new friends, new community, new work…I’m looking for a new group of positive people to align myself with. And so I’m not stuck on sitting on the board, I simply have a lot to offer, want to be deeply involved, and will be in one capacity or another I’m sure.

    Thanks for being here, and I look forward to meeting some of you in the new year.

  • My head generally fills up with more ideas than I know what to do with

    @Bradley-Maker you will fit in just fine here! ;)

    As you pointed out, this is a huge undertaking and there are lots of challenges ahead. We try our best to break things down into manageable tasks and push forward one step at a time. Things are working out great so far for us and we are making progress and getting more organized every day! We still need the help from people like yourself. Your enthusiasm and experience is very welcome here!

    We have our papers ready for the initial group of founders and we have been preparing for incorporating the society for some time now. It will happen on January 4th and everyone is welcome to join us. Of course that is just the initial group and there are still lots of opportunities to be hop on this ship. If you want to help in organizing events, or want to be involved in our decision making processes, we will be very happy. I look forward to meeting you at one of our events soon.

  • Founder

    Great. Please fill me in on the details around your incorporation on the 4th. I’d love to help out (if there is much at that time to actually do?), and at the very least, celebrate.

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