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    Is there interest in indoor gardenning at the space? I’ve had an offer of a donation of a basically complete hydroponics set up that would allow us to grow up to about 100 tomato/pepper/basil plants. It’s 3 4x8foot setups, so we’d need to dedicate some space to it.

    Thoughts? interest? I imagine the donor would be willing to do some set up and run some workshops to get us started.

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  • I remember we had a discussion on a Hack Night about possibly making a scale version of an sustainable aquaponics (hydroponics and fish aquarium) for indoor gardening.

    I think we were going to do a scale model as a proof-of-concept for demonstration in the MakerSpace. I do know this is quite some interest in the subject and many people would be interested in helping.

  • I am very interested in the topic. Not sure if we can allocate that much space to it, but I will help clear some room if there is interest. I think doing an aquaponics would be a more interesting group project.

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    I think the set up would be able to start with one of the 4x8 “setups”, but i’ll find out more! I don’t know what all it takes, so more details to come :)

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  • I would like to see some of the set up as well, get an idea of space usage and stuff.

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    I think this is a great idea. Space will be an issue upstairs, but what about the basement? I think that is the place to have any substantial amount of water anyway isn’t it?

    And also, I don’t think we need to or want to decide between aquaponics and hydroponics. Notice if you decypher the greek they are essentially the same thing? Fish and plants work well together. The fish feed the plants and the plants clean and balance the water.

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    What about the top floor? There would be some natural light too

  • Is anyone going any where with the idea of hero point/aquaponics or the indoor gardening project? Some one (Tinfoilknight???- Can’t find the chat thread?) sent me a link to the use of litre soda bottles for indoor gardening systems. I would like to build a prototype for demonstration between KM and Community Gardens at the Family day event. Would love some help with this project. In exchange I would like to help with setting up a demo at Maker space. I have some fluorescent light fixture to set up for growing and can supply soil and seeds. Will be starting seeds and checking germination viability over the next few weeks. We will then have starter plants to demo indoor gardening techniques at the family day. Anyone interested in getting to gather for an experimental building party? I will find the link for the system I want to put together as a demo and post here It looks pretty simple?

  • Sorry -’ hero point’ was to read hydroponic (dang auto correct!) anyways this discussion started in the Family Day activities ideas. Brainstorming ideas for the Family day at TCC- Aras and I thought to create an activity that would link science and nature (engineering and gardening) and thus partner Maker Space with Community Gardens, as we have booths next to each other and I would like to help out at both! So, ‘Tinfoilknight’ sent me a cool link
    I thought the self watering wicking pots would be a great project for kids- hands on making and planting they could take home. Then I thought it would be a good idea to have a prototype of the 11 pot system for a self watering indoor garden, with instructions on how to build as inspiration for event participants!? Was looking for some others interested in helping build it, in maybe a ‘learning party’ type workshop. Meanwhile there is another conversation thread happening here on building an aquaponics system, apparently someone has access to an existing system that needs to be modified and set up. Anyone interested in helping organize this workshop/learning party over the next couple of weeks?

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    I’m in complete agreement. For my part I’ll work on getting that set-up and maybe organizing a bit of a work-party, work-share, workshop to get that done.

    I’ll get that system made, it should be really easy, and I’ll put it out to our community to find a way to get a few heads and hands on it. But it really is about an hour of shopping, a few bucks, and a couple of hours to build it.

    I also think that we should be able to make that system gravity fed instead of by pump. Any thoughts anybody? The trick is that if you have the reservoir higher than the plants, it will flood them. But I think if you put the reservoir in between the plants and the pipes in elevation, it should work and save us the plug. Which will make setup on site easier.

    The only thing I don’t have, as I don’t drink pop, is bottles.

    @Shelaigh, consider that 11-pot prototype made, and all you need to do is get seeds, soil, and maybe bottles and help get it planted out. Do you have a way of starting some seeds right now so that they get a head-start? I have a soil-blocker is that makes it easier…

    We should have this thing planted within 2 weeks to be able to have anything much green in them for the festival. I’ll work on organizing and collecting parts this week, and then perhaps next weekend or early the week after it can get put together. And really, if I show up to the space with plans and parts and leave it on the table, I’m sure somebody will do it before I’m back.

    Right @fullmetalbuddha …@Chainmaildave ?

  • Interested in the gravity fed system as it will be more cost effective and sustainable without the need for an electric pump. I do have a small pump (hopefully working) I have a bunch of PVC (2 inch I think) and the glue. I likely have other bits and pieces but we’ll will have to purchase elbows and connections. I will have a small budget through Community Gardens so I can make the purchases!? Also have soil, vermiculite and a boat load of seeds. Will be doing viability testing and early starts this week. I can grow them for transplanting and also get sprouts started for kids to plant and take home. I can meet you at makerspace this week to drop materials and discuss? I like the idea of making in a mini workshop/learning party at Hack night… which one?

  • Oh ya- I too do not drink any soda products but I know a couple of pop junkies that are stock piling for me! Any other donations appreciated as I would like to have kids and anyone else who would like, to take a wicking bottle & seedling home.

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    I have no growing experience whatsoever (apart from having a cactus at my desk when I was 13 y.o) but I drink a lot of pop, although in cans. If you need cans – let me know. There’s a good chance I have a box or two.

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    Assuming that we can get most of the materials together for this wednesday, let’s get started. I’ll be there most of the day.

    I have been looking into a gravity fed system. There are a couple of issues. One good point being that it will require more water, so that means it cancels out the easy set-up on site and portability. It also means that the feed rate will get less as the water is evaporated and taken up by plants, so you’d have to check the water more often. You also cannot stack the planting on top of the reservoir, which means that it will take up more space again.

    So I think having a tentative plan of sticking to the plan is best. Can you bring the pump @Shelaigh?

    But it sounds like we’ll have a few heads together on wednesday, and if we have some spare parts, perhaps we can work together to figure out a better way.

    In theory something similar could work with a wicking setup, but I haven’t been able to get that entirely figured out.

    It could also be done with drip irrigation, in a vertical setup, where the reservoir is above, and drips down through the system over a day or two, and then has to be manually moved back up to the top in order to recharge the gravity pressure.

    @Shelaigh, hopefully we can connect today and coordinate a parts list. I’ll PM you…

    @fullmetalbuddha , do you have any spare, leftover parts from the bong filter that could be used for this project? I’ll ask you today if you don’t see this…

  • @Bradley-Maker I tried calling you this afternoon. I haven’t made it out to the farm to grab materials but I can do that tomorrow, or I can pick up at Rona, Delta or Corix (non-profit/contractor discount) I have two small pumps but they may both be fried? Also, I was just donated these interesting bins, They would be perfect for window boxes (bumper protectors for hospital parkade?) brand new, tuff, light weight, water tight containers if you turn them upside down! Hoping we can build an adapted prototype? I would also like to bring a couple of fluorescent light sets, if someone with electrical knowledge can help me adapt for a grow shelf unit? I have started sprouting seeds for the Family day event.

  • i have a some what complete floating raft system setup with a swirl filter that i am bringing tonight

    i was (but still planing) on doing aquaponics chop system with a hydroton grow bed with a floating raft and a duckweed bed (to help feed the fish) as well

    i’ll be bring a binder that i have been collecting info for aquaponics for the past 3-4 yrs or so (if i can find it that is)

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    It would be cool if we could get some Growth Lights installed for the Hydroponic setup. I’m looking to buy some LED strip lights off aliexpress, but not 100% sure these are suitable.
    Anyone have a bit of experience working with LED Strips?

    Edit: i wanted to add this link for ebay… These would require a fixture to be made though.

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