Its Tuesday December 22, any other plans going on at makerspace tomorow?

  • I’m just checking in, who’s going to the space tomorrow? what kind of projects are going on?
    I’m thinking of dropping in, not sure what time things start.

    see you tomorrow.

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    Tomorrow being Wednesday is our hack/open house night, so yes people including myself will be there.
    H/OH Night usually starts around 5 and runs quite late. If you’re wanting to go earlier pm me.

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    Lots of stuff going on at the space. CNC router table is getting upgraded. The CNC milling machine is being tested, lots of little projects and big ones too like the vacuum former and plumbing repairs!!

  • Excellent, looking forward to meeting you guys.:smile:

  • I’m downtown in my shop working on lost wax casting all week and today, if anyone wants to stop over and say hi, see some casting process.I am also working on 3d design and printing, multi tasking a bit.
    let me know, text me at 250-571-2634(Mike)

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    You should take a break from that and come see our space!! Open house at 5-5:30

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